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  • How we use Big Data

    The way our customers use data is as varied as it is complex. So everything we do to drive Big Data and AI forward at Vodafone is summed up in our philosophy: think big, start small, scale fast. There are so many possibilities for change and growth; thousands of ways to deliver experiences that are as unique as each of our customers. Right now, we’re focused on these areas as a priority...

  • Customer experience and retention

    We want to ensure our customers feel we're always providing them with great service, so we’re using Big Data analysis to drive customer-obsessed, best-in-class experiences.

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  • Convergence enablement

    Buying mobile, fixed-line, broadband and TV together from one supplier is a growing customer trend. We’ve focused on this and invested in it over the last few years to grow our prominence in fully integrated communications services. We now cover over 28 million households and thousands of businesses across Europe.

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  • Fraud management

    Every major business needs to mitigate the impact of fraud. We’re doing this by looking at Data from our network in new ways – protecting our revenue so we’re able to reinvest it for customers.

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  • What's in the pipeline?

    From apps to chatbots, Artificial Intelligence to Internet of Things, Big Data is creating opportunities to explore, experiment and expand on what’s possible. Be part of a team that’s doing precisely that.

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  • Big Data Technology

    Our Big Data technology team delivers everything we need to keep one of the world’s largest Big Data Platforms running smoothly, accurately, and compliantly.

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  • Big Data Engineering

    Our Big Data Engineers design and produce high performing, stable, end-to-end applications to perform complex processing of batch and real-time massive volumes of data in a multi-tenancy Hadoop environment. They design and implement core platform capabilities, tools and ways of working under agile development to support the integration of local markets data sourcing and use cases implementation, towards reusability, to easy up delivery and ensure standardization.

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  • Quality Assurance Engineering

    Our Quality Assurance Engineers ensure the stability, security and performance of the environments, systems, applications and services. They provide confidence in all code produced by other Big Data teams (like Data Engineers or Data Scientists) and identify issues, bugs and potential risks during implementation and delivery. The team ensures the right quality checks are in place at the various stages, end-to-end, and also work on automation of the regression testing process so that the program is able to adopt an ongoing continuous DevOps environment.

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  • Platforms & Tools – DevOps

    Our Big Data DevOps Engineers provide expert guidance to define and develop the necessary instruments to enable Dev/Ops within the wide Big Data organization. They define, build and automate the CI/CD pipeline in terms of deployment, code build/promotion, support to test automation and configuration management. The team proactively works with the Data Engineering, Quality Assurance Engineering and other delivery teams as one squad to make sure Dev/Ops practices are in place at the various stages of the Delivery lifecycle.

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  • Data Governance

    In Data Governance, we translate governance initiatives into technical solutions and own their implementation. We deliver a rich Metadata technical solution to be able to report easily on the data assets within the platform and maintain end to end data quality and integrity. We provide regular reporting and ensure policies and processes are technically applied within the platform and that the platform adheres to regulatory controls, e.g. GDPR.

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  • Big Data and AI for Social Good

    Data Science Research and Innovation is a critical part of what makes the future exciting at Vodafone. The main focus of our research in Data Science is the analysis of human behavioural data using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to enable us to identify potential new services, personalize and recommend content and services, design new services, understand and care for our customer's needs and generate positive social impact. Our Data Science Research and Innovation is focused on...

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  • Social Good

    Our commitment to the communities in which we operate extends beyond the products and services we offer. We are working on projects in public health, economic development and other areas where we can make a difference in society. Through analysis of pseudonymised, aggregated mobile data we are exploring how we can help in the context of public health, especially in regards to infectious diseases such as malaria or Ebola, and as a tool to understand and foster financial inclusion and socio-economic development – particularly through mobile money platforms.

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  • Human centric technology

    We carry out research at the intersection of data science and human-computer interaction. We are working to understand the influence of technology in our lives in order to develop more meaningful, personalised and human-centred services. In addition, we are also investigating how mobile technology enables us to understand human behaviour. Finally, we are advocates for FATED technology: fair, accountable, transparent, ethical and diverse.

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  • Life-long learning

    For Vodafone, supporting the academic community and providing constant learning to our employees is a natural outcome that stems from an innate sense of giving back to the community and to our people. We are constantly seeking to extend our collaboration with the academic community and strengthen our presence in international technology and scientific conferences. We also encourage our team members to attend and present at top-tier scientific events and we hold reading groups. In addition, we have a Ph.D. internship whereby Ph.D. students from international universities spend 3-6 months working with us on research projects.

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Cornelia Schaurecker is the Global Director of Big Data and AI at Vodafone, managing a team of 250 in 20 markets across Europe and Africa.

Cornelia, comes with a track record in Digitalisation, Big Data & AI as well as Automotive IT. Previously at BMW as Vice President for IT – EMEA,  IT – BMW AG in National Sales Companies and NFSCs (BMW Financial Service Companies) and VW AUDI for 19 years focusing on future oriented, data-driven innovation in the areas of Big Data, AI, Connectivity and Internet of Things (IOT). Collaborating with Silicon Valley, Israeli and European tech companies, universities and research institutes, the mission: Turning Data into Business Value and benefit.

Fluent in German, English and French, she was born in Austria, has 2 daughters and is now based with her family in London and Austria.

Where we do Big Data across the World

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Where we do Big Data across the World

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