We are continually assessing the situation regarding COVID-19 and as a result we have adopted virtual hiring processes that promote candidate and employee safety.  Please see below our frequently asked questions on this topic.  


Q.  Are you still hiring? 

A. Yes. Due to the nature of our business we are still operating. All positions are fully approved before advertising and we have moved our interview and onboarding process to be conducted virtually until further notice.  


Q. Does this change apply to all vacancies?

A. Yes, it does.  


Q. Are all positions now remote working? 

A. We are following the government guidelines closely and all employees are working from home where possible until further notice. Vodafone has excellent technology in place to enable this. This technology has meant that our retail colleagues are able to support our customers virtually from their own homes.   


Q. How will the coronavirus situation affect my application?

A. We are working to ensure that the current situation does not affect your application and that your application will be fully considered as usual. 


Q. Is there a face to face interview stage?  

A. No, we have adopted virtual interviewing and onboarding processes for the safety of our employees and candidates. We will be utilising video technologies in order to do this.  

Q. Do I need to use video for the interview, or can I just dial in via phone? 

A. Both interviewing options are available to you. We have found video interviewing to be the best alternative to a face to face meeting. However, we can still facilitate an engaging telephone interview if this is preferred. Please discuss these options and your preferences with your recruitment contact.


Q. Do you treat virtual interviews the same as onsite interviews?

A. Yes, although the setup is different, we treat virtual interviews the same as in-person. 

Q. What if I need to move my interview?

A. We appreciate flexibility may be required during this time and will do our best to book in interviews that fit your schedule. Please discuss your interview availability with your recruitment contact. 

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Interview Guide  


Q. How will I receive my equipment for my first day?

A. Working equipment such as laptops and phones to be couriered to each new starter the week before you join us.  


Q. Are you postponing start dates during this time? 

A. We do not plan on postponing start dates. However, if you have any concerns or need flexibility during this time please advise your recruitment contact.  


Q. How will I be introduced to my new job, start my work and be introduced to my new team virtually? 

A. There will be webinar sessions available by our Onboarding team for all new starters prior to your first day. Your new manager will spend day one with you introducing you to your new role and team with the help of multiple resources. 

Q. Is the process different if I am a field engineer/based on site?

A. If you are going to be based on-site, our Onboarding team will be in contact regarding your access. If you are a Field Engineer, you will be advised about your vehicle before starting. 

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Day 1 at Vodafone  

Working Remotely


Q. How does Vodafone ensure successful remote working and what support is available to keep teams connected? 

A. We already have most of our workforce enabled for remote working and therefore have an array of digital tools, online groups and networks available to ensure our teams are connected. Support systems are in place to ensure the well-being of our employees alongside regular internal training available for working in and managing a remote team. 


Q. When are Vodafone planning to allow employees back to the office? 

A. We will plan our return to work in line with the UK government guidelines.  

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