Driving the business into the future.

UK IT is at the core of our digital future. With emerging technologies like Cloud, AI and big data, we build, analyse and operate all our internal and customer-facing systems. This is how we’re pushing Vodafone Tech to the forefront of the industry.

How we're building a better future. 

We’re Bringing Technology Home to our tech hub in Newbury, which makes our agile mindset perfectly suited to working alongside all our UK-based experts and teams. By keeping quality, simplicity, trust and digital at the heart of everything we do, we’ll create services which are fast, efficient and effective.

It feels great having a senior management team with a clear strategy. I feel likeI’m heard and the way forward for the team is clear – this is a culture I’m proudto be apart of.

by Karen Morgan – Senior Manager IT, Governance and PMO

My team is full of great people with individual talents, but we share a few traits in common. We all love rising to a challenge and genuinely enjoy hanging out together outside of work, which I think is a great sign of a healthy team.

by Jonathan Smith – Senior Manager Data, Billing,Integration &              EDGE

The transformation journey that Vodafone is going through right now provides a unique range of opportunities. We’re moving from the old world to the new, and the technologies we’re using to get there are evolving too.

by Mark Arnott – Senior Enterprise Architect

The pace always keeps you on your toes and because the technology around us is constantly changing, you are always challenged to think about the next step! Opportunities are everywhere at Vodafone for those who’re looking.

by Dean Goodchild – IT Service and Delivery Manager

This is where you come in

Our vision here at Vodafone Technology is to connect 50 million people and things, all for a better future. 

We’ve got the technology and expertise to lead the industry from our hub in Newbury. How far we move forward is down to you.

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