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Technology Operations is what keeps the heart of Vodafone Tech beating. This is where we push our networks and solutions to be at their best 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re driven to make the most of our digital expertise, and bring customer-obsessed solutions to our people.

How we’re building a better future

The collaborative culture here in Technology Operations reflects our decision to Bring Technology Home to Newbury. Our cohesive way of working together means we can cross-train our people, and get the best out of our team. Not only does our team grow, but our people can too.

My proudest moment here so far has been working with our LGBT+ network. I’ve been trained in guiding managers about having conversations around LGBT+topics, and this is something I’ve bought into my new role.

by Elliot Dickenson – Business Manager

I think empowering our colleagues has always been important. People want to be able to get on with their job, rather than being micromanaged. It’s then the role of management to make sure everyone is heading in the right direction.

by Cam Dunlop – Operational Efficiency Team Manager

It’s an exciting time as we move back to Newbury. The campus is a great place to work – it has a great vibe with lots going on. If you’re hardworking and committed but also want something back in return, this is the best place to be.

by Sophie Quinn – Project Lead

I love the amount of change and opportunities to work on constantly evolving networks and new technologies every day. The opportunities here are endless –you definitely get out everything you put in!

by Alison Wheatley – Networks Senior Manager

This is where you come in

Our vision here at Vodafone Technology is to connect 50 million people and things, all for a better future. 
We’ve got the technology and expertise to lead the industry from our hub in Newbury. How far we move forward is down to you.

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