Here at Vodafone we don’t take cyber threats lightly. We need to keep one step ahead of ever growing cyber threats and our world class technology security team leads the way with just that. We’re a proactive, agile in approach, driven team always looking to protect Vodafone from cyber and information security risks which affects our people, technology and customers. Fancy joining to secure the future of our business?

Joining us, you’ll be working on various activities designed to protect Vodafone’s People, Technology and Processes with our teams focus including…

• Governance and Risk Management – responsible for producing policies, requirements and procedures documents, defining strategies and plans, providing risk-mitigation and compliance tracking, operation and delivery assurance, running security control effectiveness reviews.

• Design and Architecture – responsible for producing solution and architecture concept and design documents, defining security coding standards, blueprints and strategic roadmap designs.

• Project Delivery & Stakeholder Management – responsible for performing technical delivery and project management, business analysis and test management of all Technology Security deliveries.

• Consulting and Assurance – responsible for consulting and assuring on all Technology projects to ensure that Vodafone's security policies and baseline security requirements are applied/met by all new services and applications.

• Security Operations – responsible for providing system administration of security controls, e.g. IDS, IPS, SIEM, WAF, performing vulnerability management and patch management functions; running penetration tests, operating user access management controls and providing threat intelligence functions. Security Operations also carries out incident handling and incident response activities providing real-time network and IT logging functions, performing cyber threat trend and pattern analysis, intrusion monitoring and detection functions.

• Cyber Defence - Delivering a global 24x7 cyber defence capability that proactively mitigates against threats, quickly detects cyber-attacks and then responds effectively and efficiently to minimise the impact of cyber security incidents. Helping our customers to remain secure and resilient in a world of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Types of Roles

Security Solution Design

Our Security Solution Designers develop specific architecture for implementation, usage and development to protect our IT systems from significant and persistent cyber threats. Joining our team, you’ll thrive on ensuring security solution design is developed to protect our IT systems. Sound good? If you have the drive to design and implement security controls and thrive on creating technology to protect Vodafone, then this sounds like the right role for you.

Incident Manager

Here at Vodafone, we want to ensure our service security operations run like clockwork. At times of service incident problems, you’ll work within the heart of the team to ensure minimal disruption occurs across our B2B customer base. Working within our ITIL based Incident Management framework to coordinate and drive resource, using our highly capable digital tools (ServiceNow), you will continually identify and drive business improvements to ensure the highest levels of quality and availability. Of course, you’ll also be driven to discover the root cause of incidents and strive to ensure we minimise customer dissatisfaction and instil best practice across the operations. Sound good? Ready to be our next Incident Manager?

This is the career that can be in your grasp – so come to us to seize it!

Security Engineer

It’s our Security Engineers who are responsible for producing technical designs for successful implementation of our tailored and emerging solution deals. Naturally, you’ll be a team player and work with our project, delivery and lifecycle management teams to ensure that’s a success.

You’ll thrive in providing security engineering expertise in support of Vodafone Group’s Technology Security standards and policies across all our security applicants and infrastructure and find the right balance for success.

Cyber Security Analyst

Fancy joining a role that never stops? And a career that is always developing? Cyber security is always evolving and we can offer you a development role working across our network and devices at all times. You’ll be the champion of securing our assets, reviewing solution architecture to ensure its as secure as it can be. Always conducting security reviews, pen tests and operating controls in real time, you’ll be innovative to find the way forward for cyber security control.

Security Architect

Our Security Architects are in the heart of protecting Vodafone UK and Group systems from significant and persistent threats and you’ll have the courage in abundance to develop security architecture to do that.

You’ll be inspired to develop security architecture to protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of our network infrastructure and customer service assets; and will be driven to influence senior technical stakeholders to support key security decisions. If this sounds like something you could totally thrive on, get in touch with us now.

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