Here at Vodafone, we have a passion, and this lies in our commitment to implement consumer and business customer programmes to complete and total customer satisfaction. It’s an exciting time, and a great example of how we deliver exceptional service both to our customers and businesses, and we want you to be a part of it.

Working within the project, programme and transformation management team, you’ll have a successive mindset in order to deliver innovative projects within a high-performing environment. Challenge doesn't faze us, which is something you’ll understand. Most importantly, you’ll possess the will to embrace it, head on.

So why not take a look at our extensive roles on offer and see if you are you ready for that challenge...

Typical Roles...

Project Manager

Taking on the responsibility for end to end projects within a regional or global group setting, you’ll ensure our customers experience seamless delivery of Vodafone products & services. If you have the ability to collaborate with internal subject matter experts, this could be a perfect partnership between you and us. Organisation and prioritising are second nature to you, as you take on the ultimate responsibility when it comes to ensuring the timely delivery of customer projects, always within budget.

Programme Manager

A keen strategist, you’ll take the lead on both regional and strategic programmes, in all aspects of the world of complex customer contracts. Designed to transform service delivery for our customers, this role would suit a flexible individual, perfectly handling solutions of both a technically complex and non-standard nature.What’s more is that you’ll be accountable for establishing and managing programme budgets, deliverables, milestones and timescales with a focus on meeting all contractual obligations.Profitability is at the forefront of your judicial mind, and you’ll be able to manage team commitments and resources, all the while striving for complete Vodafone customer satisfaction.

PMO Analyst

Are you a bigger picture type of person? Welcome to the PMO team. Aligned to large complex customer programmes and ensuring the link of all processes, they see to the analysis of such a picture, throughout the organisation.

We are always looking to develop new initiatives to improve our processes, which is where you’ll come in. Taking pride and enjoyment in terms of analysing outcomes to produce trends, whilst also identifying problem areas, you’ll work to produce action plans.

Ready to be a top-notch operator across our project and programme functions? Delve in to find out more.

Project Specialist

Hate delays? So do we. That’s why you’ll use your skills and expertise in punctuality to track performance against project work streams. Tracking IT tools, customer opportunities and driving key deliverables to support Project Managers, you’ll enjoy the challenge when it comes to  working against tight deadlines. Your progressive mindset will see you embracing continuous learning across the entire project team.

Project Coordinator

Matrix teams - assemble! Working within Vodafone UK or Group, you’ll know just what to do in order to deliver small projects for the larger projects and programmes. That passion you harbour will keep you in good stead when it comes to the timely delivery of such schedules, always ensuring successful delivery against tight timescales.

Business Change Specialists

If you yearn to be part of a transformative team, then stop right here. As a Business Change Specialist you can be a real part of this for all of our Enterprise customers.

A keen professional plate spinner, you will be involved in the analysis, design or execution of planned change management activities for the relevant lines of Business, across the entire lifecycle of a Programme. Transitioning capabilities and embedded these where appropriate? You can do this in your sleep.

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of Our Application Process:


You let us know you’re interested in a role at Vodafone and submit an application.


It’s not all about your CV, we want to get to know you via a phone or video call.


Let’s interview each other to see if we are right for you and vice versa.


Success? It’s time to kickstart your exciting future at Vodafone. Welcome to the team.

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