Here at Vodafone, our industry leading product portfolio is at the heart of our success. It’s what we do, and so we pride ourselves on recognising the rapid evolution of our customers’ business. This is oh so important today’s digital world, where connecting people, places and things is absolutely central to their success.

Continuous investment in our product capability and our people, enables a connected world across a broad and diverse product portfolio. Our product management roles span all areas of the product lifecycle, including: Connectivity, IOT, Hosting, Unified Communications, Cloud and Security.

As market leaders, we make sure to meet customers’ needs, with a continuously evolving portfolio a direct reflection of this.

We have a proud history of innovation at Vodafone and we want to work with you to ensure a future to match this culture within our product community.

So, what kind of roles can you expect from this team?

Product Specialist

This role will really expose your exposure across the business, bringing your product knowledge, insight and business judgement to all product decisions. Get you.

You’ll be a dab hand at staying abreast of marketplace trends and you will look to drive the P&L, with a view to aligning the strategic direction of the business. On top of this, checking market relevance, ensuring the commercial viability of product decisions will be a constant theme. If this sounds like something you could totally thrive on, get in touch with us now.

Product Manager

As CEO of the product, you’ll need to possess courage in abundance in order to champion our ideas. With an even stronger customer focus in mind, you’ll bring products, services and devices to life, all of which will be tailored to our customers’ needs. Oh, and you’ll have excellent go to market skills, naturally.

To inspire those crucial people around you, you yourself will be inspired to strip down complex products, work out what doesn’t work and learn from it, all whilst owning your project plans and analysing the market around you.

What’s more is that you’ll be able to make those tough choices to find the right balance between risk and reward.

Go to Market Manager

Our Go to Market Team manage launch and initial performance of our consumer propositions. You’ll be able to drive, shape and deliver a range of initiatives to take Vodafone performance to the next level.

Do you not only enjoy creating exceptional customer experience, but take real pride in doing so? If your only answer is yes, you’ll be the ideal candidate to motivate your matrix teams for the most successful of outcomes.

Application process...


This is your first chance at really showing us the real you. Don’t hold back, tell us about your relevant skills, experience and your personal values.

Never forget the value of that ultra important first impression. You want to make a good one right? So whilst the application process itself won’t take up a huge amount of time, it’s worth your while to take that little bit longer and don’t rush it. We want to hear about your achievements, and what better way to do that than to show us straight away?

Video or phone interview

Application a suitable success? Congrats. We'll either give you a call or invite you to take part in a video interview, depending on the role you have applied for.

We know this is where it gets slightly nerve-wracking, but this is the time for you to showcase your 'on paper skills'. Really, it's a change for us to have a chat and get to know you. We want to find out how you could be the perfect addition to our team and also how we can help you to develop your skills and really find your niche... After all, it's a two-way street, this interview thing.

Face-to-face interview

Round three and another tick off that application list. This is it. The meet and greet, and the next stage of your Vodafone journey. This can either be a one-on-one chat in person, or an opportunity to whip up a presentation or other role-specific test at one our assessment centres.

Like we said, It’s really important that you get to know us in the same way we do you. Being suitable for the job at hand is one thing but we want to make sure you get to know our culture and ultimately, that you feel supported in your future with us.

The offer

The final stage and a chance for you kick back a little and turn that feeling of anxiousness into excitement. We understand the importance of feedback, so will always get back to you after your face-to-face interview to let you know the ins and outs.

if you’re successful, you won’t have to wait long before the joining process can start and you embark on your brand new journey with us.

Please note – we’ll need to run some pre-employment screening before you join us, and all offers are subject to passing these checks, there is nothing out of the norm here, just references, criminality and financial checks.

Welcome to the Vodafone family!


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