Enterprise Product Solutions

We are experts when it comes to providing successful communications for businesses. Enter Enterprise Products & Solutions (EP&S)...

Supporting the implementation of Vodafone’s total communications strategy, our unique capabilities are driving the development and delivery of the products and solutions portfolio for all of our Enterprise customers. 

Did someone say flawless delivery? That’s what the Enterprise Products & Solutions team are striving to achieve. In working closely with the local markets, they are accountable for a strong portfolio build and technical development of our global product and customer solutions, enabling total IT Transformation.


Our key functions are:


 Group Enterprise Technology Solutions (GTES), which implements and transforms our delivery of enterprise solutions for Global Enterprise customers.

Group Enterprise IT delivers IT enabled transformation through collaboration, architecture vision and industrialised delivery.

Included are our four key product practices:


  1.  The Internet of Things (IoT): This practice transforms assets into intelligent devices. For our customers, it enables them to develop new services and revenue streams, operate more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. We want to hold onto our vision to remain the leader in M2M (Machine to Machine), whilst moving upwards in the ranks as a strong challenger in IoT.
  2. The Cloud & Security (C&S): Offering secure, flexible, centralised and scalable IT solutions to suit any business across a mixture of platforms. We provide Hybrid Cloud and Hosting offer in multiple markets that adapts to customer’s need. Our vision is to provide total communications, confidently connecting our world.
  3. The Connectivity Practice: Supporting the implementation of fixed & mobile secure connectivity by driving the delivery of the product and services portfolio. Our vision is to enable customers to be confidently connected and hit data needs all across the world.
  4. The Unified Communications (UC) Practice: A way to provide world class communication and collaboration services, and connect customers, suppliers and partners together in a seamless ecosystem across all locations, devices and technologies. Sometimes, keeping it simple really is the best way.

There are various roles across the above sectors, with some more detailed descriptions in the section below:

Business Analyst

Do you yearn to be the vital link between the technical side and business objectives? Well, here’s your perfect opportunity to do so.

 By supporting and ensuring the successful completion of analytical, building, testing and deployment tasks of the product’s features, you can use your existing experience combined with your analytical flair and it’s a match made in business heaven.

Data and Reporting Analyst

Responsible for conducting full life cycle analysis to include requirements, activities and design, Data Analysts will build upon existing analysis and reporting capabilities. What’s more is that you will also monitor performance and quality control plans to identify any necessary improvements. This is a role requiring a passionate and proactive person, with a keen eye for detail.


Phase one. It’s time to submit your application. Don’t worry, our application process isn’t too long, but that doesn’t mean you should rush it.

Remember, this is your time to knock the competition out the park. And if you want game, set and match you’re going to have to go all out when it comes to selling your relevant skills, experience and personal values.

We want to know all about you and why we should hire you over everyone else. First impressions count, so show us what you’re made of. 

Video or Phone Interview

Before we invite successful applicants in, we like to have a friendly chat. If you’re deemed a suitable match for the role you’ve applied for, we will arrange to speak to you. This could either be simply over the phone, or via a video interview, depending on which role you’re after.

At this stage in your job application we want to see how you might fit into the team, and most importantly, get to know you a little better. We also use this as an opportunity to consider how we can help develop your future, because your career develop is, and always will be, important to us. 

Face-to-Face Interview

The next step is meeting in person, face-to-face. Our interviews vary depending on the role you’re applying for, you could simply be invited for a standard face-to-face interview, or you might be asked to attend an assessment centre. Yup, you might have to do a presentation or a few tests related to your role.

But don’t fret, it’s just how we make sure you’re the perfect fit and it also gives you the chance to ask any questions and get to know us. At Vodafone, we’re just as invested in your future as you are in ours. It’s a two-way street you know.

The Offer

It’s crunch time, if you’ve nailed the application, phone call and interview and we deem you suitable for the role, we’ll make you an enticing offer. If you weren’t successful, we’ll provide some handy feedback to help you out in future applications.

Just keep in mind once you’ve got your offer, before you start the process of being welcomed to the team, we’ll need to run some pre-employment screening. All offers are subject to passing these checks.

Don’t freak out, there’s nothing out of the norm here, just the standard references, criminality and financial checks. Then you’re good to go and you can begin your prosperous career at Vodafone.

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of Our Application Process:


You let us know you’re interested in a role at Vodafone and submit an application.


It’s not all about your CV, we want to get to know you via a phone or video call.


Let’s interview each other to see if we are right for you and vice versa.


Success? It’s time to kickstart your exciting future at Vodafone. Welcome to the team.