Consumer Product & Services

The Consumer Products & Services (CP&S) technology business area, together with the Vodafone Group Commercial division, is working on the development and deployment of new and efficient product and service solutions, applicable to all current operating systems and mobile devices in order to generate new sales. The CP&S organisation is responsible for designing and delivering consumer facing products and services.

 Here at Vodafone, we like to be different and when it comes to capability and functionality, that’s exactly what we strive for. With our products and services sitting above the Network and IT layer, we maintain focus on a vast array of cutting edge products and services including:

Consumer IoT

Committed to the consumer - that’s us. Managing our IoT platform, we will be enabling central capability for the integration and management of all Group Consumer IoT product and services. After all, connectivity is at the core of what we do and this will enable us to capture it perfectly.

Digital Products & Portfolio Management

Mobiles are one thing but in this ever-developing digital era, there is a need for further expansion and we’ve got our nimble fingers firmly on the digital pulse.

 Drumroll please for the design, development, delivery and production of global components for all Digital Services and Devices. Chatbots, anyone? This particular service will be responsible for technical quality assurance for all Vodafone products and services, SIM Cards and terminals as well as for the SIM Cards/ eSIM profile engineering in all local markets.

 We like to keep all bases covered when it comes to consistency in our customer’s journey.

Digital Technologies & mCommerce

We like to be what you call, digital ready. Enter the management of mWallet for payments and other NFC services.

Now let’s get technical - The API exposure layer open to all Vodafone product developers and partners allows for exquisitely easy integration, Global Integration Gateway layer, middleware and connectivity with local integration gateways.

Essentially, you no longer need your literal wallet when it comes to paying for your daily purchases. You can now fund directly from your Paypal account.

We pride ourselves on being able to develop, deliver and support MyVodafone by enabling customers to process personal data in real-time. The future is here, and it’s getting personal.

Smart Communications & Security

Communication is getting pretty smart these days and with our Call+ and Message+ apps, that allow for so much more than just words to be shared, we would say we’re pretty adept at embracing this.

 And in the same world where security seems to be finding new and unsettling ways of being breached, we want to do all we can to make our customers feel safe. To this effect, we offer Secure Net, network based antivirus/malware protection, device based antivirus protection including device physical security; Ad Management, and network based solution for control of content and digital detox.

 Phew, that’s a lot of protection right there.


What do you get when you create a blend of entertainment and information - well, the clue’s in the heading.

Staying ahead of the curve, we offer Pre-Provisioning enablement and management of content partner offers for mobile and fixed customers including Charge To Bill, settlement capabilities for third parties and OTT services to bill via Vodafone. We also offer Backup+, cloud backup and restoration of device content, start, setup and discovery of Vodafone products as well as ID Manager and enabler for seamless registration and login across internal and external services.

TV Platform

When you think of Vodafone, you mind probably doesn’t go to TV. But trust us, we’re there with the design of our cloud-based TV proposition. Talk about a silver lining.

Typical roles in the teams


As part of the architecture team, the role holder is responsible for the analysis, specification and oversight of implementation of state-of-art Headend and IPTV/VoD/Broadcast Video Systems ensuring the alignment with company’s objectives.

Service Lifecycle Manager

The purpose of this role is to manage the life cycle of all products in the device portfolio as well as to manage relevant stakeholders, teams and partners. You will be continuously looking to drive the customer experience excellence through identifying improvements in the development or operations chain of each product line. The role owner will also be responsible to define & implement Service KPIs together with the relevant Stakeholders , be accountable for reaching the SLA on target, maintaining the quality of the service and managing regular service level reviews. 

Scrum Master

We are recruiting for a Scrum Master to lead the definition, scoping, planning, execution, and control of the CloudStore programme. They will facilitate Scrum ceremonies, drive decision-making, remove impediments, and prevent distractions to the product development team. They will mentor the team in the effective application of Agile principles and practices and facilitate the continuous improvement and maturation of the team through effective retrospectives and intentional experimentation.

Solution Designer

The essence of the Solution Designer role is to shape the development and evolution of the ID service suite(including biometrics) and in particular in the design of platform and application architecture. The specific responsibility concentrates on the evolution and optimization of the existing platform as well as the integration of further markets and services, ensuring that all the relevant stakeholders are involved during the definition of the solution and supporting the development, quality assurance and operation teams during the rollout phases of the project.

Programme/Project Manager

You will have responsibility and accountability for the end-to-end execution of the programme. You will coordinate, track and control project activities, manage cross planning to optimise resource utilisation and manage cross project dependencies.  You will also responsibility for budget definition, the approval process and ongoing management, including purchase order management.

Delivery Manager

As a Delivery Manager, you would assume accountability for the delivery of new products and services, provide leadership and direction to a project team in a matrix environment and ensure efficient communication between various stakeholders, spanning all organisational levels both internal and external.

Technical Product Owner

In line with the Vodafone governance process, the Technical Product Manager works closely with Commercial product owners in both Group and Vodafone operating companies to drive the vision and execution of the product and to align the product roadmap and individual priorities for new product features, enhancements and improvements. Manages requirements will be in close collobration with the Solution Designer to effectively communicate the requirement.  They will work closely with the Delivery Manager for the priority and timescales.


Phase one. It’s time to submit your application. Don’t worry, our application process isn’t too long, but that doesn’t mean you should rush it.

Remember, this is your time to knock the competition out the park. And if you want game, set and match you’re going to have to go all out when it comes to selling your relevant skills, experience and personal values.

We want to know all about you and why we should hire you over everyone else. First impressions count, so show us what you’re made of. 

Video or Phone Interview

Before we invite successful applicants in, we like to have a friendly chat. If you’re deemed a suitable match for the role you’ve applied for, we will arrange to speak to you. This could either be simply over the phone, or via a video interview, depending on which role you’re after.

At this stage in your job application we want to see how you might fit into the team, and most importantly, get to know you a little better. We also use this as an opportunity to consider how we can help develop your future, because your career develop is, and always will be, important to us. 

Face-to-Face Interview

The next step is meeting in person, face-to-face. Our interviews vary depending on the role you’re applying for, you could simply be invited for a standard face-to-face interview, or you might be asked to attend an assessment centre. Yup, you might have to do a presentation or a few tests related to your role.

But don’t fret, it’s just how we make sure you’re the perfect fit and it also gives you the chance to ask any questions and get to know us. At Vodafone, we’re just as invested in your future as you are in ours. It’s a two-way street you know.

The Offer

It’s crunch time, if you’ve nailed the application, phone call and interview and we deem you suitable for the role, we’ll make you an enticing offer. If you weren’t successful, we’ll provide some handy feedback to help you out in future applications.

Just keep in mind once you’ve got your offer, before you start the process of being welcomed to the team, we’ll need to run some pre-employment screening. All offers are subject to passing these checks.

Don’t freak out, there’s nothing out of the norm here, just the standard references, criminality and financial checks. Then you’re good to go and you can begin your prosperous career at Vodafone.

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of Our Application Process:


You let us know you’re interested in a role at Vodafone and submit an application.


It’s not all about your CV, we want to get to know you via a phone or video call.


Let’s interview each other to see if we are right for you and vice versa.


Success? It’s time to kickstart your exciting future at Vodafone. Welcome to the team.