Partner Markets

‘Great Alone. Better Together.’

It’s a saying we live by. We know the value of our partners and that’s why Vodafone Partner Markets, which was established in 2002, now partners with over 30 companies in more than 50 countries.

Our cutting-edge, carefully selected commercial partners stretch from Chile to Russia, Iceland to Singapore, and most recently, South Korea. If you choose to apply for a role in Commercial Partner Benefits, you will get the chance to work with all sorts of brilliant countries in a wide range of includible locations.

Vodafone Partner Markets is an extraordinary and exciting growth business with Vodafone’s Group Commercial organisation. As the world’s largest and most successful telecommunications partnering operation, it enables independent local operators around the world to tap into Vodafone’s global scale and expertise to gain competitive advantage.

We’ve got a variety of fantastic roles within this area of our business. Here are some of the main types of roles you can apply for.

Typical roles

Partner Management

These roles are responsible for identifying and developing new partner opportunities, as well as managing existing partner relationships.


This team uses its knowledge of the market and Partner Markets’ competition to help identify opportunities, define and agree budgets, and support commercial discussions with partners.


These roles are based across Technology, Supply Chain, Enterprise, Consumer, Finance and HR. These teams identify, define and deliver products, services or knowledge that are of interest to our partners.


Phase one. It’s time to submit your application. Don’t worry, our application process isn’t too long, but that doesn’t mean you should rush it.

Remember, this is your time to knock the competition out the park. And if you want game, set and match you’re going to have to go all out when it comes to selling your relevant skills, experience and personal values.

We want to know all about you and why we should hire you over everyone else. First impressions count, so show us what you’re made of. 

Video or phone interview

Before we invite successful applicants in, we like to have a friendly chat. If you’re deemed a suitable match for the role you’ve applied for, we will arrange to speak to you. This could either be simply over the phone, or via a video interview, depending on which role you’re after.

At this stage in your job application we want to see how you might fit into the team, and most importantly, get to know you a little better. We also use this as an opportunity to consider how we can help develop your future, because your career develop is, and always will be, important to us. 

Face-to- face interview

The next step is meeting in person, face-to-face. Our interviews vary depending on the role you’re applying for, you could simply be invited for a standard face-to-face interview, or you might be asked to attend an assessment centre. Yup, you might have to do a presentation or a few tests related to your role.

But don’t fret, it’s just how we make sure you’re the perfect fit and it also gives you the chance to ask any questions and get to know us. At Vodafone, we’re just as invested in your future as you are in ours. It’s a two-way street you know. 

The offer

It’s crunch time, if you’ve nailed the application, phone call and interview and we deem you suitable for the role, we’ll make you an enticing offer. If you weren’t successful, we’ll provide some handy feedback to help you out in future applications.

Just keep in mind once you’ve got your offer, before you start the process of being welcomed to the team, we’ll need to run some pre-employment screening. All offers are subject to passing these checks.

Don’t freak out, there’s nothing out of the norm here, just the standard references, criminality and financial checks. Then you’re good to go and you can begin your prosperous career at Vodafone. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of our application process:


You let us know you’re interested in a role at Vodafone and submit an application.


It’s not all about your CV, we want to get to know you via a phone or video call.


Let’s interview each other to see if we are right for you and vice versa.


Success? It’s time to kickstart your exciting future at Vodafone. Welcome to the team.