Meet Stephen - Divisional Support Manager

Hear about Stephen's unexpected career with Vodafone. 12 years after joining as a Christmas temp.

By Vodafone

My name is Stephen Taggart and I’m currently seconded to the Divisional Support Manager role for the North Division.

I started with Vodafone over 12 years ago in Ireland as a Christmas temp whilst I was studying Ancient History at University. At the time I would never have expected to still be at Vodafone 12 years later, Academia and Retail didn’t seem to fit. But it has been quite a journey and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Following on from my temp role I was made permanent as a key time Sales Adviser in one of our stores. I had never ever thought of Retail as a career path at the time, but in Vodafone it’s pretty incredible; it’s fast paced, no two days are the same, it’s challenging but ultimately it’s really rewarding. Vodafone have a real community ethos in our stores and it’s very much that we are there serving the community we are based in. Vodafone is at the cutting edge of technology its ever changing, I can still remember the excitement in store when we launched iPhone and even more excitement when we launched 4G. Working somewhere that is always thinking of the ‘next big thing’ is really energising. I decided that this was the career I wanted, Ancient Greece & Rome would need to take a back seat.

There’s so much support and opportunity to develop in retail, following on from my Key time sales position I worked up to full time, then went on Development courses to become an Assistant Manager. Developing leadership skills in one of our many 2 day courses. Following on from that I got offered my first Store Manager appointment and since then I haven’t looked back. I have managed 7 stores since then, last year I was recognised for my hard work and projects that I led in Ireland by achieving store of the year. I was then accepted onto a secondment this year as Divisional Support Manager moving to Manchester to support our North Retail teams. Working on key projects on how we improve our commerciality, support our teams better and ultimately deliver for our customers. It’s been an amazing journey and one that I will be continuing with Vodafone.

Vodafone really has been such a big part of my life, really helping me develop my career and grow my horizons, there is so much support and we are rewarded really well for doing what we do, I’ve even been lucky enough to win so many lifetime experiences in Vodafone with trips to Miami, the Bahamas, Nasa, Dubai and the Rugby final in Dublin.

Vodafone for me is an unexpected career but one that I am absolutely loving and I expect I will be here for the years to come, hopefully still progressing and working on our key objective of delivering for our customers, with some of the amazing people I now count as friends.

Stephen Taggart
Divisional Support Manager
North Division

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