Meet Kimberley - Social Media Manager

Kimberley first joined our graduate scheme 6 years ago - read about her journey into her current role and her love for communications!

By Vodafone

"One of the great things about working for Vodafone is the freedom and independence you’re given to take ownership of your own ideas, tasks and projects."

I first joined Vodafone on the graduate scheme in 2011. I knew I wanted to work for a globally recognised brand, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. The grad scheme offered me the opportunity to understand which aspects of corporate life most appealed to me, and what direction I might want my career to go in.

It quickly became apparent that comms was what I enjoyed most – finding unique ways to communicate messages to the end user, whether that be our consumer customers, our employees, or our audiences on social media. And that’s how I ended up in the External Comms team, managing Vodafone UK’s social media comms. A day in my working life can range from launching a new social media campaign, like a prize draw or a great piece of social video, to being on hand with critical insights if a crisis is called.

One of the great things about working for Vodafone is the freedom and independence you’re given to take ownership of your own ideas, tasks and projects. For example, Vodafone UK’s social media employee advocacy programme, Go Social, is a project I initiated, introduced, and continue to drive within the business.

It’s something I’m wholly responsible for and now have support from a current graduate, which is great as I can help guide her development and make sure that she is given the level of support I was given – everything comes full circle. I’m now even part of the team which assess new potential grads at our assessment centres each year. If they’re looking a little nervous I say to them “I know how you feel – I was in your position 6 years ago and there’s nothing to worry about!”

Being able to support new recruits is really important to me, as I believe one of the most positive things about working for Vodafone is some of the excellent managers here. All my managers have been brilliant people managers who took a keen interest in my personal and professional development as much as my performance in my role. What’s great is the opportunity to progress here, and I have been evidence of that myself. Making headway from little wins everyday really does get noticed, and after building up my experience I’ve been promoted twice since off-boarding from the graduate scheme in 2013.

One of the things I love most about my job is the people I work with – we all work really hard and have the upmost respect for each other – which makes for a great working environment. The other thing I love is the opportunities I have to deliver some unique and impactful social media campaigns, such as our Safer Internet Day video, which was the first time we’d ever used vertical video format for social at Vodafone UK, or the #BlueFunday prizedraw, where we worked with influencers to recreate popular emojis on their own faces. My job is all about trying to increase consideration and sentiment towards our brand so when these campaigns resonate with our audiences I get a real boost.

I do what I do at Vodafone and not somewhere else because it fits my lifestyle pretty well – an easy commute, a lovely campus to work on, and great colleagues to work with It also helps that there are useful facilities on site, like the HQ gym, which you’ll see me in pretty much every day, onsite hair and beauty salon, doctor, chiropractor, as well as catering facilities. You also get lots of offers when you work for Vodafone – useful for me as an avid cinema goer, as I can get my Cineworld Unlimited card for almost half the price it’d cost by going direct!

I would recommend someone considering applying to Vodafone to do so. For a large corporate business there are a lot of opportunities but also a lot of challenges. You mustn’t be afraid to take on a challenge, take ownership of it and learn to persevere. I would say that Vodafone is not always a fast-paced environment as not everything you want will happen immediately however, this is where your supportive team helps you to network with the right people to make it work.

At Vodafone you’ll always be able to find someone that is willing to help you on a project you’re working on or with information that you need; if they don’t know themselves, they’ll point you in the direction of someone who will know the answer. There are real pockets of collaboration across the business as well as individuals who will go above and beyond, which is a great ethos to have.

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