Meet Holly - High Value Segment Specialist

Holly first joined us on the graduate programme but has since off-boarded and loves her marketing role. Find out how she has developed with Vodafone!

By Vodafone

"The most positive and surprising part about working at Vodafone is the people. I think the employees that work within the business are Vodafone’s main asset; they are driven, kind and are all about development and getting the best from each other."

Before I started here at Vodafone, I did a Marketing degree at Bournemouth university with a one-year placement in industry at Sky. Whilst I was at Sky, I found my love of Marketing and it really helped me to solidify the academic knowledge I’d gained from University, and enabled me to go back to my final year and get grades that I was proud of. I loved my time at Sky, but decided to apply to Vodafone as it was a Global brand outside of London, and I was lucky enough to have lecturers at my university that had great experiences of working here before and shared with me what the working culture was like.

I rolled off the Graduate scheme in July 2016 but had a very insightful 2 years within the Marketing function. My 1st placement was within the trading team and although that wouldn’t have been my first choice, I found my time in the role elevated my commercial understanding and developed my understanding of how the business runs. For my 2nd placement, I actually went to the TV propositions team to pitch for a role that wasn’t available! This stemmed from my experience at Sky and my enthusiasm to work within an exciting, upcoming development. I had an amazing time as part of the TV and Broadband Propositions team and knew that this was the sort of role I wanted to go into when off-boarding the scheme. My final 12-month placement was with Customer Value Management working on Customer Experience; this rounded off my grad scheme roles, and last July I off-boarded into a High Value Segment Specialist role in the Commercial Marketing team as it gives me the ability to own the end-to-end journey which is what I love.

The most positive and surprising part about working at Vodafone is the people. I think the employees that work within the business are Vodafone’s main asset; they are driven, kind and are all about development and getting the best from each other. All of the managers that I have had in each of my placements have been inspirational – they have helped me to decide what I want to do in the long term and really dedicated the time to develop my skills. My managers have also helped me to develop on a personal level which has helped me to understand what sort of roles I like, whilst also understanding my priorities and my values. The working environment at Vodafone is flexible and caters for each employee. I am both dyslexic and have dyspraxia, but the business has helped me massively by catering for different learning styles and the people I have worked with have taught me the ‘how’ as well as the what.

I would recommend someone considering to join Vodafone to do so. We are a massive global brand with brilliant people. There will always be opportunities here to explore other areas of the business and develop. I think that Vodafone advocates generalists who have a wide knowledge of various areas which helps them to understand the big picture, and specialists where knowledge is deep routed in a specific business area.

My team always have customers at the heart of what they do from putting forward new propositions to listening to what our frontline staff want to change. We carry the customer through each journey we take, from proposition development through to the training of frontline staff and agents.

In 5 years’ time a lot could change as business can be unpredictable. I would like to see myself managing a team although I’m still not sure in which department as I still have so much more to learn. I do know that at the moment, I love my role as a high value segment specialist!

Although we have the option to work from home one day a week, I prefer not to. I’m an extrovert and I get my energy from having people around me to interact with. I drive from Southampton each day so the flexibility offered at Vodafone allows me to come in early to avoid the traffic and use the gym. Sometimes I even use the gym at lunchtime too, this helps my afternoon motivation as I am much more productive after some exercise, and it helps to avoid the 2pm slump!

What I love most about my job is owning the end-to-end experience and being able to influence all parts of the journey. I like that my job doesn’t end with just writing the brief for a proposition, but that I collaborate and lead the development of the proposition from the IT build, through to the launch and far beyond. I really enjoy being involved with lots of different areas of the business and have learned so much and met lots of new people through doing this as part of my role.

A successful person at Vodafone would need to be collaborative, willing to learn and open-minded. It is also key to be reactive to change. Change is constant in business so you need to know how to be prepared when things can suddenly throw you off course. I am happy at Vodafone because I love the people, I enjoy my job and the working environment is flexible and caters for lots of different working and learning styles.

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