Meet Gavyn - Technology Higher Apprentice

Read Gavyn's story, one of our Technology higher Apprentices!

By Vodafone

“Vodafone is an employer wants the best, they encourage, motivate, innovate and inspire you to be the best that you can be. Why would I want to work anywhere else?”

Hello my name is Gavyn Howard and I am a proud employee of Vodafone. I am 25 years old but was a mere 17 when I started at Vodafone’s. 9 months ago I started on the apprenticeship programme and haven’t looked back since. As early as my first induction day I was pretty certain that Vodafone was the only company that I wanted to work for, for me it’s the fast paced, forward thinking culture that proves to one of the greatest parts that I have enjoyed in the 8 years that I have worked for Vodafone and will continue to enjoy in the coming years.

Vodafone’s all round attitude to their employee’s whether it is supporting them with their chosen charity or encouraging better ways of working. Vodafone strives to put their employees and customers at the heart of everything.

Before I started at Vodafone I did not really connect with education and so paid little attention at school. Since joining the Apprentice scheme, I have enjoyed and understood the importance of my education for my own personal goals and aspirations and also understanding how this can further help me at Vodafone. I am currently completing my foundation degree but with Vodafone’s support I am intending to study for an extra year to gain my full degree. I hope that with all of my hard work towards my degree and the my day to day work my wish to be successful personally and for Vodafone is evident to all. I feel very lucky to have the supportive team and Line Managers nothing around me and the business I really do think that anything is achievable.

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