Meet Fiona - Resourcing & Employer Branding Intern

Read about Fiona's experience on our Explore Internship Programme and all the projects she has had the chance to work on.

By Vodafone

My experience as an intern at Vodafone has been amazing. I feel extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity. I never imagined I could be working at a global company yet still have a hands on role with real responsibility that has an impact on the business. My responsibilities have included: the running of Vodafone’s work experience programme; organising insight days; and planning and presenting projects to directors. I have also had exposure to building relationships externally, which puts me in a great position so early on in my career.

One of the thing that is great about Vodafone’s internship programme is that the manager formally requests for an intern, therefore you are there to fill a real role and work on current, exciting projects. Another aspect of Vodafone which has made my experience, is the company culture, it is so inclusive and you feel part of the company even though you are not there for a long period of time.

When people think about working for Vodafone, they assume you will solely be working with mobile phones and networks, but Vodafone is a technology company and they work on so many exciting projects that you would never associate them with. For example, putting 4G on the moon! Even though I am a HR intern, it’s great because I still have that exposure to technology, which is really important with it being the future.

My manger was previously on the Vodafone Discover Graduate scheme, and is now managing a team of 5 people which shows me that I can have the opportunity to grow and develop within Vodafone.

Vodafone’s new slogan is ‘The Future is Exciting. Ready?’ and I definitely feel excited and ready for the real world because of this experience. I would definitely recommend the internship programme!

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