Say Hello to Hayley (and Ollie)

Read Hayley's story about her balancing act being a mum and her Senior role in Vodafone. Find out how Hayley made the most of the Vodafone Maternity policy.

By Vodafone

Deciding to start a family can be daunting, particularly when it comes to thinking about finances and the effect it would have on my career. However thanks to Vodafone’s great maternity policy I was able to make the most of my maternity leave as well as having a great return back to work.

I joined Vodafone back in 2011 as a Go To Market Manager and have been fortunate to progress my career since joining. I was a Senior Marketing Manager managing a team of 15 ahead of going on maternity leave.

The maternity policy was very generous benefiting from three months full pay and an additional six months half pay. This enabled me to make the most of my time off with my little one, being able to go to local coffee shops with friends, through to taking Ollie to Water Babies swimming lessons and even being able to go on a couple of family holidays without the worry of only having statutory maternity pay to depend on.

I also took advantage of the 10 back to work days, which helped me to adjust back into the work environment, you are able to use these how you like over your maternity leave. I found using one a week ahead of my return helped me to catch up on what had been happening whilst I was off and also to work out a routine that fitted around my new lifestyle.

I came back to Vodafone into a new role looking after my last programme; this role has helped to further develop my skills and is helping to further progress my career. I took full advantage of the return to work 80/20 policy for the first six months after my maternity leave – being able to have Wednesdays off and still receiving full pay has enabled me to continue to spend quality time with Ollie. In fact I enjoyed it so much I am now taking advantage of the flexible working policy so that I still have Wednesday afternoons off.


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