Meet Sarah Kerfoot - Operations Manager

Sarah joined Vodafone when she was 19. Since then, she’s grown her career, achieved her long term goal and gained some amazing experience.

By Vodafone

I joined Vodafone when I was 19, starting my career as a Credit and Collections Adviser.

After only 6 months in role, I knew I wanted to progress further but absolutely loved my role, the environment and people I was working with. An early highlight in my career was winning a Legends award. It made me believe that you were recognised for your efforts in Vodafone, something I hadn't experienced in previous employment elsewhere. It’s a company where we’re passionate about rewarding our people both internally and externally, and opportunities like this are not just reserved for a handful of employees. Everyone has the chance to be rewarded for their work, which I have a lot of respect for.

I loved the role but wanted to further progress my career and after 3 years, moved to work in multiple sales roles. The move gave me a multitude of skills I still use to this day and assisted my application for a promotion to become a Team Leader within our Enterprise Customer Services Function. I had one of my most enjoyable and memorable 2 years at Vodafone here, launching and leading a team of Specialist advisors, who provided a truly differentiated standard of customer service to some of our largest Corporate customers. With this amazing team delivering amazing results, winning awards and inspiring me each day to improve, we saw our success lead to growth and the team soon reached a size that required an operations manager. I was successful in my application for this position and achieved my career goal of becoming an Operations Manager.

This journey was supported by some inspirational leaders and I wouldn't have achieved this progression without them. I once had a senior manager that despite being very busy, was willing to invest time in me and provide guidance to help me. He gave me a chance to prove myself and helped identify a way to achieve this. I was able to focus on a topic I felt truly passionate about; customer experience. He was instrumental in helping me take my idea and to grow and develop this into a business proposition. It gained momentum, support and resulted in a very successful team of myself and my peers designing, building and delivering a very successful Quality Programme, together.

The model is still used to this day throughout some of our largest service operations.

More recently, I was given the amazing chance to learn an entirely different part of our business. I worked between the UK and overseas with one of our best outsource partners. The sheer amount of unfamiliarity was challenging and at times, I felt I had stepped too far outside of my comfort zone. But again, great people supported me, helped me learn, helped me contribute and adapt and I can honestly say that this experience was the single biggest learning curve I have ever been on. I have had the pleasure of working with some of our amazing international employees, whom live and breathe our brand values and strive every day to deliver a great experience to our customers. They have taught me so much both professionally and personally and I will always be grateful to them and Vodafone for giving me this life experience.

Vodafone is always changing and this change has presented the opportunity for me to move around our business and experience fresh opportunities. I have felt overwhelmingly supported since day one and knew early on that I wanted to be a part of our great leadership team. Many of my line managers have been great role models and have supported, developed and aided me to achieve my career goal. I hope I am able to repay this kindness by supporting others, helping them achieve their career goals and share the knowledge and experience I have gained. I’m lucky to work for a company that genuinely promotes diversity, equal opportunities and continues to invest in it’s people. I am proud to know I am a part of this.

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