Meet Melissa, Customer Service Adviser

Read our interview with Melissa, one of our Customer Service Advisers based in Newark and hear how she developed skills she didn't think she could have!

By Vodafone

Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how/why you joined Vodafone?

Of course, I have been working in customer services since I was 16 years old. I started stacking shelves and then went off to university and come back and went back to working on a till. Customer services is brilliant for me as that’s where my skill set is. I had been working in retail for 10 years and was doing the same job as when I started,  I just needed a new challenge. Although what I’m doing at Vodafone is customer services, it’s a totally different sector and a totally different world. I just feel challenged every day, it makes me engage my brain which is a very very nice change.

Tell me about the challenges, what do you find challenging or interesting about your role?

There’s two sides to it really, the technical side of things (I work in the broadband team) so when something doesn’t work I like the investigation. When you know there’s a solution but you just have to find it. I like that. The other side is the customer services side, the challenge of solving customers issues gives me a brilliant feeling when I resolve their issues.

Is there anything positive that was unexpected when you joined Vodafone?

I think I’ve found that I’m more technically minded than I ever knew. In the past week I’ve had an interview and been accepted to go into a more technical role. That’s definitely not where I saw myself heading when I first took this job. I thought I would be purely customer services.

I found the more training that I got, the more interesting it is and the more that I want to know because there’s always more that you can learn. I have picked up the technical side a lot better at it than I ever expected I would.

How did you find your feet when you first joined Vodafone?

The training side of things was very good. For broadband we spend two weeks classroom training and then we had grad-bay which I think was 3 weeks to a month. It was so supportive in that time because you’ve got one, the first two weeks with people that instill the customer service side of things but then when you start the role you’re not on your own. You’ve got people that have been doing the job for months and years who are all there to support you. Especially because I joined when it was a brand new department we were just all in it together and we all supported each other.

How would you describe the working environment at Vodafone?

It’s not overly formal, the team we’re in. I know it’s cheesy to say but we’re one big family. We get on so well we have social meet up’s outside of work. Nobody dislikes anyone. It’s nice to have a job where you look forward to coming in every morning.

Do you think Vodafone have their customer’s at the heart of everything they do?

Oh absolutely, I think you only have to walk in the building to see it because it’s on the TV screens everywhere with the heartbeat (TNPS) scores. Especially in our department at the moment the focus is really on first time resolution. So every decision you make is based on ‘is this going to solve the problem the customer is facing, the first time they ring us?’ to give them the easiest and best possible experience.

Do you still think you’ll be at Vodafone in 2-5 years and where do you see yourself in that time?

I definitely do, as to where I see myself – gosh, I could be anywhere. Certainly 10 months ago when I took the job I didn’t expect that less than a year into the future I’d be going in to a technical team. The company is so big and so diverse, there’s just so many different areas and it’s not all locked away. So now I’m in broadband but 5 years from now I could be in mobile or business or anywhere. There are just so many options.

What did you think Vodafone did differently to other roles you have had in the past?

I think there are just so many opportunities, not just for management but because of how diverse the company is you can go anywhere, not just in the UK but there are roles all over the world.

What do you love most about your job?

The person I sit next to every day. We met in the first few days of training and we just clicked and really get on. We see each other outside of work. Without Vodafone we may have never met.

What would make a really good candidate for Vodafone?

I think someone enthusiastic. You don’t have to have a load of technical know how you just have to have that state of mind that you want to learn. That and just be crazy customer focused.

So what makes you happy about working for Vodafone?

It’s all of it, it’s not one individual element like I really like taking phone calls. I like being able to turn the customer’s experience around. When someone maybe hasn’t had a great time and they come away really happy and thanking you just happy with you. That’s a really good feeling.

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