Meet Gemma, Customer Service Adviser

Hear from Gemma, one of our Customer Service Adviser and how she can come in when I’ve had a bad morning and within half an hour I’m smiling, laughing and having a good time

By Vodafone

Can you tell me a bit about your background and how and why you joined Vodafone.

So, I originally came from Essex and moved up to the area around. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do work-wise so I joined an agency and then got a job at an outsourced partner for Vodafone. I started in Business Customer Care and then became a trainer. I led the engagement team and I loved my job. I knew people at Vodafone and they we’re all saying how really great it was and I thought I’d come and check it out for myself.

What was your training like when you started at Vodafone?

It was really good. The on boarding process was really good just contacting me to make sure I was okay and if I needed any holidays booking and they kept in contact with me constantly in my journey to join. Training was great, trainer was really friendly and every single person got on well in the training group. There was no tension or awkwardness. Sometimes you get personalities that clash but everyone got on really well. I learnt a lot too, it wasn’t like I was learning things I didn’t need to know. Everything was relevant and straight to the point and we got stuck in, so yeah, it was really, really good.

Good, so coming into Vodafone how would you describe the working environment?

I think it’s a brilliant environment and I think they have the perfect balance of work and social. I get on with everyone really well and can walk around and say hello to everyone – even people who aren’t on my team. I know people from all over Vodafone, not just people from my team which is really nice. The engagement side of things is really good too. We’re always putting on fun and games and you can win prizes and chocolate and it’s really good and it creates a really good atmosphere. When you are working I don’t feel like I’m under a load of pressure, I can go at my own pace and if you want to progress in your career there’s a lot open to you.

In the job role itself do you think that Vodafone has the customer at the heart of everything they do?

Definitely. Yeah. I wasn’t so sure when I first joined Vodafone because sometimes you hear bad things in the press but you only ever hear about the bad things. You never hear about the good things. They’re always trying different things and different ways to work to improve the customer experience. We all went through dedicated customer experience training too regardless of what part of the business you go in to, so you can tell that they really do care about the customer. The improvements are really clear to see.

So why do you do what you do at Vodafone and not somewhere else?

Because I’ve worked in places before where I don’t really feel like I’ve had the chance for career progression options. So for example, in a previous role there was only really the option to become a manager and that was if you were lucky. I wanted a job that offers variety – I work in technical at the moment, I might not necessarily always work in tech but the good thing about Vodafone is because the company is so big they have so many different departments so there’s the option to branch out and get knowledge on everything. Also they have sites all over the UK, I’d quite like to work in Newbury one day just because it’s the head office and it’s cool so I think that’s why I chose to work for Vodafone and no one else because they offer more options in regards to career progression.

How has your career path changed since you’ve been at Vodafone?

Well I’m relatively new, I’ve been here for six months now and I’m still a tech specialist but I’ve been put in charge of team times so that’s something my manager trusts me with but I have three trials coming up soon which I’ve been specifically selected to do and they have come to light because I have let my manager know that I want these opportunities and that I want to progress. I feel very positive for the future.

So what makes you happy about working for Vodafone?

It’s got to be the people that I work with; they make my day every single day. I can come in when I’ve had a bad morning and within half an hour I’m smiling, laughing and having a good time so it’s got to be the people.

What do you think would make a successful person at Vodafone?

I think as long as you’re willing to come in and work hard you’ll get on fine. No matter what it is that you want to do. Vodafone will put in to you what you put in to the company. So as long as you come in get your head down and work hard but also have a laugh at the same time. So you get on well with your team mates and get involved with the engagement side. If you’re bubbly, confident and good with people then you’ll fit right in.

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