Meet Jen – Marketing Manager

When Jen pushes a new proposition forward, she will always consider how it will benefit the customer first. The business is still learning how to shape the digital space whilst thinking along the lines of future transformations and Jen wants to be part of that - read her blog!

By Vodafone

I get to do what’s right for our customers in every decision that I make. I always put the customer first by considering how the journey looks from their perspective.


I started at Vodafone on the Graduate scheme over 5 years ago as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I finished uni. The rotations throughout the programme give you real insights into each function and what the teams do. The initial interview process was different to other companies that I interviewed at the same time; I found it friendly, relaxed and not corporate so therefore an attractive fit for me. My first placement was in a technology role and I had the opportunity to learn how our network worked, before moving onto a second role within the consumer function. I then rotated into a role where I worked with manufacturers to create a portfolio of handsets to range to our enterprise customers; the exposure I got to the manufacturers was great. I had a real breadth of experience within Vodafone from the graduate scheme and have since taken the opportunity to spend 2 years working in Vodafone India within their Enterprise function based in Mumbai. I got a real insight into different working cultures and feel as though I had the chance to develop on a personal level too. On my return to the UK market, I now sit within enterprise marketing.

The most positive and surprising part about working at Vodafone that I didn’t necessarily expect before joining would be the working style of the business. The flexibility offered to employees shows the trust that the company has in us. We have a hot-desking policy, a café culture and great benefits with the gym onsite and more. The flexibility offered at Vodafone helps me to be my best as I don’t at all feel micromanaged. It is not a 9-5 job as employees are trusted to produce the required output in their own ways suited to individual style. Work doesn’t dictate my life as I can do most of the stuff I want to do in a working day i.e. go to the gym at lunchtime and make use of the salon too.

I have been fortunate that I have been encouraged to develop by my managers and leaders during my time here. From the opportunity I was given to work abroad to the online training modules, there are different styles to best suit your learning. I do feel as though my work is challenging although, I think the key to working here is to create a network to reach out to others for support. You will get more support with a bigger network. At times it can be stressful but your hard work and determination will be appreciated and often recognised.

As a Marketing manager in business to business (B2B) accounts, I get to do what’s right for our customers in every decision that I make. I always put the customer first by considering how the journey looks from their perspective. When I am pushing a new proposition forward, my first argument is how it will benefit the customer and it is most likely to get approved if the customer wins at the end of it! I do what I do at Vodafone rather than anywhere else because I feel that the business has its’ attitude in the right place for our customers; we are talking the right language to earn the trust from our customers. We are still learning how to shape what we do in a digital space whilst thinking along the lines of future transformations.

In 5 years’ time, I would like to see myself as a senior manager at Vodafone. Maybe in consumer and maybe within Vodafone Group; that would complete the 3rd part of my career since I have spent time in Vodafone UK, Vodafone India internationally, then finally it would be good to get exposure with Vodafone Group. Ideally working in London.

I do feel like the working environment at Vodafone has changed recently – it has picked up the pace. There is always plenty to be getting on with so you must be proactive and not just sit at the back. To get the best out of the experience of working here I think we should take every opportunity to be more disruptive and challenging. I would totally recommend anyone considering to work for Vodafone to do so. We are a huge business with opportunities in a variety of functions to explore. I would say that you do need to drive what you want to change, in order to take real advantage of the prospects available throughout the business.

What I love most about my job is the challenge. I am always pushed to do more whilst learning new things. I like to get involved with whatever I can so there’s never a chance that you would feel bored whilst being here! When I applied I never thought that I would have learned so much on the analytical side of things. I’ve also expanded my knowledge around the digital space and with marketing on social media platforms.

To be successful at Vodafone I would say the key traits are enthusiasm, ambition and determination to make a change. I am happy at Vodafone because of the opportunities; I could not have achieved what I have so far without being part of Vodafone.

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