Meet Emma – Customer Experience Centre Manager

Emma has a real chance to improve our customers' ways of working - to make their lives simpler and easier with Vodafone's support

By Vodafone

"One of the most positive and surprising parts about working for Vodafone is the interaction I get with customers; what I do can really shape their perception of how they go forward with Vodafone."


My degree is in Journalism and I first started my career at a marketing agency, temping as a receptionist after university. I was interviewed by the director in my lunch break and promoted to account executive, doing business to business (B2B) direct marketing which was highly results driven. After only a couple of years, my high performance was recognised and I was promoted again to become the youngest account manager within the company. I went on to train for my marketing diploma and excelled at retaining business from my portfolio of clients. I really enjoyed the job but after being in the company a long time, I was then ready for something different. I’d never worked for a large corporate business before and a friend that I’d previously worked alongside had moved onto Vodafone. She recommended me for a role in her team and I started within large enterprise marketing.

One of the most positive and surprising parts about working for Vodafone is the interaction I get with customers; what I do can really shape their perception of how they go forward with Vodafone. I would totally recommend anyone considering joining Vodafone to do so, as long as you’re someone who is comfortable with change, networking and promoting your work. Especially so, if you’re applying for a customer facing role as you really have the opportunity to add value to the organisation.

When I first joined Vodafone my manager was very approachable so I felt at ease asking any questions I had although, at the same time, I got my teeth stuck into the role straight away. I met the relevant stakeholders and researched how to do my job the best way I could. My work is challenging but I like that. I wouldn’t enjoy it if it wasn’t challenging, as I like to keep my brain thinking all the time!

Vodafone is always changing to keep up with the evolving industry, so you have to be adaptable and not let it slow your progress; as long as you can understand your overall objectives and how they relate to the business strategy. Creativity at Vodafone is also welcomed if it’s right for the customer. I work between the sales team and the customer with a consultative approach to bring them together in perfect harmony. I strive to understand what the customer needs and wants, and try to align that with what Vodafone can offer to help to meet their needs. It is my responsibility to tease out their needs to grow both their business and ours with improvements to their current way of working.

The flexibility offered at Vodafone helps me to be my best as I use the gym on campus before I start work in the morning. I miss the traffic this way and get an energetic start to my day. I also schedule my diary around customers for when I need to be at HQ and plan meetings for these onsite days too. Quieter days I work from home to take calls in a less distracted environment. I work most productively with this balance that Vodafone offers me.

The thing that I love most about my job is talking to customers, understanding their needs and helping them along their journey. By doing this, I often have light bulb moments of how to do things differently and improve their processes with our technology. Customer satisfaction is always measured after their time spent with us so we have an insight back to the business of how we have performed and what we can do better. I am always looking for ways to improve customer experiences.

The traits of a successful person at Vodafone would be self-sufficiency, confident at networking in order to add value to other business areas and awareness of customer needs. I am happy at Vodafone because it is such a diverse business that cares about its’ customers.

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