Meet Daniel - PMO Lead

Hear from Daniel and his journey through our Graduate programme into a PMO Lead role.

By Vodafone

Hello! My name is Daniel Thomas and I have now been working for Vodafone for a little over four years. In that time I have enjoyed a wide range of roles and have been ably supported by the business throughout my progression and development. I started out on the graduate scheme in 2013, beginning on a rotation based in our Stoke Contact Centre. Here I was responsible for a number of projects working to reduce the amount of debt our corporate customers have with us, working with a fantastic team of diverse individuals to alleviate the customers pain points and resolve the issues arising in the interests of both parties.

Following this role I moved into an HR rotation, which I absolutely loved, I worked in the Reward function on a specific project (which I can’t talk about!) but it was great fun, really challenging and forced me to step well out of my comfort zone, regularly presenting to board members and senior management across Vodafone UK and Vodafone Group. I wish I could say more! It was really rewarding (pun intended) to play a part in the people side of our business and to understand the inner workings of a corporate HR department, certainly great experience for the future.

I was asked to move onto a major transformation programme following this rotation and I joined with some trepidation as I had really enjoyed HR, but I found that the more commercially focussed environment really suited me. I’ve now been on that programme for nearly 3 years, have seen over 30 graduates rotate onto the programme and many have joined us with permanent roles. The programme has grown for 7 of us at the start to over 70 now, and is the largest transformation programme in Vodafone UK at the moment. I have been extremely fortunate to work for two fantastic managers in my time on the programme, who have supported, encouraged and corrected me, enabling me to progress and develop at pace. I know manage a team of 6 responsible for all the programme management elements of the programme, from finances, benefit deliver, governance, reporting and work closely with the programme Director to ensure the success and progress of the programme. I am excited for whatever comes my way next…

I can highly recommend Vodafone as a place to work, my journey above has been based on rapid change, development and being trusted to deliver irrespective of age or experience. I am extremely proud to work for an employer that takes its responsibilities to its employees, its customers and the wider world seriously – do check out the work the Vodafone Foundation does.

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