Meet Ashley – Commercial Contracts Manager

Ashley manages his time between work, home and our HQ facilities - the gym. He was proud to take part in the Big Bold Challenge and donated his fundraised cash to the Vodafone Foundation Charity

By Vodafone

"A successful person at Vodafone needs to be dynamic, energetic with the boost to deliver and get things going. If you can think outside the box that’s a definite bonus, it allows you to get ahead of the game and push Vodafone to be industry leaders."

Even though my background lies within Public Sector Procurement, I have relished the opportunity to strike off my Private sector career with Vodafone UK. Having been originally recommended by a previous Ministry of Defence colleague, who had moved over to Vodafone from the MOD, I was soon accepted into a Supply Chain Management position within Vodafone Group. Due to transparency and relevance, an executive management decision was taken to form a Vodafone UK specific Enterprise Supply Chain Management team which I helped develop and modify before being offered an opportunity to join the Vodafone UK Major Accounts Commercial In-Life Management team – where I remain to this day.

At Vodafone I have the freedom to work in a way that both suits myself and the business. I wasn’t recruited just to fill an open vacancy; I was accepted into the business to be me. I am encouraged to let my personality shine through – I like to bring new innovative ideas and think outside of the box. I would recommend anyone to consider a position at Vodafone because we have a great brand with a great vibe. The environment here is fast-paced which keeps me interested. There’s always stuff to do. If you are curious to other areas of the business too, you are encouraged to follow up your interests and get experience. If you think you would be better suited in a different area of the business there are chances and opportunity to try it out. There is also a wide range of people to work with across all different departments of the business which is great for expanding your own knowledge and awareness.

When I first joined Vodafone, my manger was actually based in Manchester and I was in Newbury HQ. Nonetheless, I was assigned a buddy to shadow so that I could find my feet in the business and learn quickly. My buddy was also there as a point of contact for any questions I had and support in going forward. I also like to use the gym here and I have met people from different departments socially through that facility. This helped me in feeling comfortable coming to work each day, knowing I had a reliable and trusted support network outside of my function too.

I am encouraged to develop by my managers – definitely! I was trusted to act as Delegation of Authority by my current Line Manager whilst he was on leave and this gave me great scope in understanding where I want to take my career path. It allowed me to get the right experience for looking to progress. I have also been paired with my line manager on different occasions to comprehend and steer the business at a higher level which has been great exposure for me.

The work that I do is challenging but not difficult. I deal with delicate matters on a daily basis so I have to maintain the reputation that Vodafone hold and also the relationship that they have with external stakeholders. Every day I get the opportunity to see that Vodafone hold customers at the heart of everything that they do. In our team meetings, a key question is always whether we are doing the right thing – and if the answer is no, we don’t do it. My team will not be bullied into doing something if it’s not right, we support each other to make the most effective decisions for customers and our business.

The flexibility offered at Vodafone allows me to be at my best as it’s not necessarily a 9-5 job. When it’s intense, I work hard but when time allows I make the most of it. I like that we are given the adaptability to manage our time and I do so between work, home and the gym. I do what I do at Vodafone and not somewhere else because of the opportunity I was presented alongside the flexibility offered, clear opportunities to progress and the enjoyment I have for my role. I love that when things go right I get lots of praise; there’s always a big buzz and we really see the results. I get recognised for the part I’ve played in the teams’ success and that’s important to me.

A successful person at Vodafone needs to be dynamic, energetic with the boost to deliver and get things going. If you can think outside the box that’s a definite bonus, it allows you to get ahead of the game and push Vodafone to be industry leaders. I am happy at Vodafone because I am given the chance to develop not only professionally, but also outside of work as well – socially. Last year I took part in the Big Bold Challenge! I ran, cycled and abseiled in a time trial against other employees and businesses which was great fun; and the year before I cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats raising a huge amount of funds to the Vodafone Foundation Charity.


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