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United Kingdom
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Posting date:11 Feb, 2020

Role Title: Techncial Architect BI & Analytics 
Location: Paddington, UK

Job Role:
The role will be a key position within Customer Experience Insights team. It will help to Identify new analytics trends and opportunities to drive the innovation across markets. In addition, develop smart models and insightful dashboard to enable faster decision making for Network planning and Optimization 

•Translating complex datasets into key strategy insight and powerful capabilities to the business
•Develop Machine Learning /AI models aiming to improve customer experience , network planning and optimization
•Identify new analytics trends and opportunities to drive the innovation across markets
•Identify new data sources and evaluate emerging technologies for data discovery usage
•Be recognised as an expert in big data and machine learning, advising on the suitability of big data and machine learning products and solutions
•Delve into data from different systems, structured and unstructured, both batch and real time, to discover hidden relationships and useful information
•Advise on best practice big data and machine learning methodologies, technologies and processes for insight generation
•Support a community of data scientists across markets
•liaise with design and development and support teams to help them in product evolution and troubleshooting, by providing insights both upon request or in a proactive way

Apply if you have: 

•Expert level experience with Hadoop ecosystem (Spark, Hive/Impala, HBase, Yarn); desirable experience with Cloudera distribution; experience with similar cloud provider solutions also considered (AWS, GCP, Azure)
•Programming skills and experience in, machine learning and statistical analytics tools such as Python, R, Java, Ruby, Pig or SQL, NOSql, TensorFlow , Mahoot, SAS,…
•Degree in Computer Science, Communications Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics

We’re happy if you: 
•Development of Network planning and optimization use cases in the BDP 
•Delivered insights for customer & experience improvements



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