IoT Product Owner

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Posting date:27 May, 2020
IoT Product Owner 

Role Title:  IoT Product Owner 


Location: Newbury 

Vodafone IoT :
To support Vodafone’s key strategic growth areas in IoT, we require a highly capable and adaptable IoT Product Owner. In this role you will be responsible for the taking the ownership of delivering Vodafone’s market leading IoT products working very closely with engineering & product management teams. You will deliver future-proof IoT products, take full accountability and ownerships of the product backlog and contribute directly to Vodafone IoT’s ambition to deliver excellent digital services.


As the IoT product owner, you will be a key stakeholder in the IoT team. You will be responsible to define your product vision for delivery and convey that vision to the scrum teams. You will be part of an agile team, ensuring that your product backlog is up to date and prioritized with a features list for the product at all times. You will be the lead user of your product ensuring the product meets the quality required, & that the scrum teams correctly implement user acceptance criteria and the user stories.


Your role:
•    Creates and maintains the Product Backlog and writes user stories.
•    Prioritizes and sequences the Backlog according to business value.
•    Define Epics, Themes and Features and transforms them into user stories that are granular enough for scrum teams to deliver in a single sprint
•    Conveys the vision and goals at the beginning of every release and sprint.
•    Represents the customer and regularly interfaces and engages with stakeholders to ensure the team is building the right product and therefore delivering the value expected of it. 
•    Works very closely with product management to ensure the team is steered in the right direction at the end of every Sprint, as needed.
•    Participates in the daily Scrums, Sprint Planning Meetings and Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives.


Please advise if you require any alterations or adjustments to support you through our recruitment process. If so please contact us at

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