GDC Vendor Sourcing, Governance, Performance and Software Asset Manager

  1. Full Time
  2. IT/Technology
Posting date:17 Aug, 2020
Location: Newbury, UK or Ratingen, Germany or Milan, Italy

Role purpose:
Accountable for assuring that proper performance and governance processes and tools are in place for all GDC Suppliers. This includes being accountable for proper execution of Service Review Meetings and Management Review Meetings with Strategic Suppliers, following up improvement actions in order to assure proper value for money from Suppliers. In addition to this, you will be responsible for producing and maintaining  the performance dashboard for GDC Strategic Suppliers.

Accountable for implementing proper processes and tools  in order to track, control and optimize current spend with all  GDC Suppliers and drive improvement actions, in conjunction with Vendor Managers. You will be responsible for producing Executive reporting on spend with Suppliers and driving any resolutions to issues associated with spend.
Responsible for assuring the right interface with all Vendor Management team stakeholders and managing the relationship with them,  such as GDC Domains Managers , VPC Category Managers, Technology Architecture teams.
Accountable for GDC Vendor Segmentation (set up, run and periodical review), in agreement with GDC Management.

Responsible for the overall Vendor Sourcing Strategy execution and governance within GCD.
Accountable for designing and defining Vendor sourcing decision-making framework, jointly with GDC stakeholders. Acts as SPOC for Vendor sourcing related decisions by providing option analysis services and decision-making support.

Responsible for monitoring and controlling strategy execution and continually reassessing and recalibrating the Vendor sourcing strategy to reward strong-performing vendors or to shut down or change strategies or vendors that are not delivering the expected benefits

Accountable for needs analysis and documentation, jointly with GCD Stakeholders.
Accountable for monitoring vendor market and providing ad hoc monitoring/analysis services on demand (eg. special reports on new/niche vendors requested by stakeholders).

Accountable for Vendor Risk Management process with the aim of ensuring that the use of Vendors’ service does not create unacceptable potential negative impact on business
Responsible for Vendor sourcing strategy communication and knowledge among GDC.

Responsible for progressive design and build up of Software Assets Management by leading the definition and development of standards, processes and procedures to be implemented in order to meet GDC’s software compliance, legal and vendor risk management objectives.

Work closely with service owners and vendor managers to ensure proper visibility of our current installed licenses positions and anticipate future requirements.

Accountable for driving cost optimization by investigating appropriate licensing models.
Setup the means to develop the required processes and governance to build a Software Asset Management culture in CI and Cloud.

Accountable for performing spot internal software audits to identify variances between deployed and licensed software; ensure deployed software aligns with the quantity and licensing models purchased; rectify variances between deployed and licensed software.
Serve as the “front door” interface to IT service owners submitting requests for software. Support them in assessing budgeting cycle requirements

Responsible for acting as licensing specialist in case of questions/queries from the internal stakeholders in regards of our main software

With us you will:
• Performance Management - Accountable for the delivery of relevant contractual SLAs and KPIs, analyse supplier performance and drive actions for further improvements
• Governance  Management – Accountable for organizing MRM & SRM with top strategic Suppliers and for managing the actions follow up in order to assure maximum performances. Accountable for the definition of standard and tools in Vendor Management team
• Software Asset Management – Accountable for the implementation and execution of all SAM related processes and tools accoding with best practices (i.e. ISO 19770)
• Needs and demand analysis – accountable for engaging with proper stakeholder in order identify the optimal sources of supply for current and future business objectives, fitting with GDC strategy technology and sourcing strategy
• Vendor Sourcing Strategy execution, monitoring and controlling – follows and supports technology procurement processes, provide recommendations on sourcing decisions (eg proper balance spent among technology vendors vendors)
Monitor and control and eventually recalibrate sourcing strategy execution


Apply if you have:
• Ability to analyse complex situations in detail and operate with clarity
• Ability to build and maintain strong on-going business relationships at both a senior & strategic level with internal and external customers.
• Excellent communication, influencing and interpersonal skills combined with highly effective technical presentation skills to very senior internal & external management
• Excellent leadership skills of direct team and key stakeholders
• Ability in understanding of operational processes and KPIs
• Proven experience in software asset management
• Sound analytical and decision making skills to address and resolve complex problems
• Strong experience with some major software publisher's licensing models (Microsoft, Red Hat, VMWare, others)
• Ability to comprehend and interpret highly complex licensing issues
• Full English proficiency
• Ability to work with Excel / Access advanced functions
• Understanding of Microsoft SQL Database
Must have technical / professional qualifications:
• ITIL Qualification
• Preferably detailed knowledge of ITIL and TCO Models
• Analytical methods
• Commercial and technical skills
• SAM & ITAM certifications




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