Core Nw Architect - Cloudified Core

United Kingdom
  1. Full Time
  2. IT/Technology
Posting date:26 Nov, 2020
Location: Newbury, UK

Role purpose:
Define requirements and solutions for Core network functions to be deployed as cloud native applications on Vodafone private Cloud (both virtual machines and containers environment) as well as on public clouds and specific platforms, to deliver innovative convergent services over multiple access networks. The role includes the analysis of various cloud environment capabilities as well as applications (network functions) characteristics to design solutions able to optimise the performance and the automation of applications life cycle. The roles covers also design of solutions specifically addressing deployment environment specific for Mobile Private Networks as well as MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing), granting security, resiliency and delivery of use cases /services requirements (e.g. latency). Assess Vendors’ solutions versus cloud readiness and cloud native requirements in RfQ, RfI and POC activities. Drive Vendors’ roadmaps and maturity evolution to cover gaps and reach compliance to Vodafone requirements.

Wiith us you will: 
• Design solutions and define requirements to enable deployment of cloud native containerized Core Network functions, including integration with a Vodafone Container as a Service Platform layer
• Design solutions and define requirements to evolve cloud readiness and cloud native capabilities of 4G and 5G Core Network functions to reach Vodafone strategic targets in Network functions life cycle management automation and increase adoption of cloud native principles
• Identify innovative solutions and products for Core network functions cloudification and evolution to cloud native architectures and ecosystem
• Support also other Network functions beyond Core Network with general guidelines and requirements for cloud readiness and cloud native evolution
• Manage evolution of deployed products, benchmark them and select new Vendors and products in the relevant area as per Vodafone needs
• Participate in the design and evolution of Vodafone CaaS and PaaS layers to best match Core Network needs
• Participate in the design and progressive adoption of DevOps and CI/CD capabilities and processes in Core Network
• Support Vodafone driving of Standards in network cloudification evolution
• Support Local Markets and Group units in relevant design and deployment activities

Apply if you have:
• Solid technical experience on Core network components and architecture
• Solid competence on cloud and network function virtualization solutions and technologies
• Solid knowledge on VMware vCloud NFV platform
• Good competence on cloud native solutions such as containers, Kubernetes platform and tooling ecosystem.
• General competence/background: in telecommunications (technologies and services) and IT technologies (e.g. microservices architecture)
• Communication skills: English language (spoken and written), good communication & presentation and negotiation skills
Must have technical / professional qualifications:
• Engineering degree or equivalent
• 5 years experience in Core network and cloud technologies
• Fluent English level



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