Business Performance Manager

Newbury, Berkshire
  1. Full Time
  2. IT/Technology
Posting date:12 Apr, 2018

Role Title: Business Performance Manager

Role Location: Newbury
Our Team:

Here at Vodafone, we connect everybody to live a better today, and build a better tomorrow. That could be providing superfast network speeds to smartphones, providing ‘unified communications’ through fixed solutions, making the lives of farmers easier with mobile money payments or streaming music into a car. As you can imagine, this means that we have a vibrant and diverse mix of skills and people making Vodafone a great place to work.

Are you ready to help our customers discover, understand and enjoy the best that connectivity can offer? The adventure starts here.

The Vodafone IoT programme is designed specifically to meet the needs of new and evolving business verticals, growing at 20% per year to reach €2bn incremental revenue across Vodafone Operating Companies, Affiliates and Partners by the year 2020.

To fulfil technology requirements of the IoT programme, The Vodafone Group has developed its own IoT Service Platforms to target the key strategic growth area of Machine-to-Machine & Consumer Electronics, designed specifically to meet the needs of Global IoT customers, protected by Vodafone IPR.  Vodafone is currently moving its IoT proposition beyond connectivity and into a new Vodafone-built next-generation IoT application and value-added services offerings.

To support this key strategic growth area a highly capable Business Performance Manager is required to work as part of the IoT Business Performance and Project Delivery team to support the delivery across Vodafone Group Enterprise Products and Solutions and Operating Companies. The Business Performance Manager for IoT Products and Solutions will be accountable for day to day monitoring and reporting on the IoT Product Development portfolio and measuring product development in terms of internal KPIs.  By working closely with IoT Project Delivery teams they will support the IoT Business Performance and Project Delivery Manager in providing day to day control and coordination of the EP&S IoT Portfolio performance.

With us you will:

  • Support the Business Performance and Project Delivery team in order to provide reliable insight to decision makers
  • Support defining and implementing processes to monitor the performance of IoT projects and quality of their products.
  • Compare intended performance results with actual outcomes, evaluating quality control to see how effective they are and identifying the gaps.
  • Combine data from multiple sources to respond to high-level business questions
  • Be responsible for producing all Performance Team Dashboards and periodic reporting; providing analysis and insight into performance, risk and opportunities.
  • Support Programme/Portfolio Governance
  • Provide regular and adhoc reports and presentations
  • Ensure project compliance with governance processes and bodies, working closely with the Project Delivery teams
  • Help establish periodic budget reviews, and prepare periodic budget reports for top management

What you can expect from us:

  • Working with the cutting edge technology
  • Being heard – bring your knowledge and drive to the table, you will be recognized
  • Collaborating with professional group of individuals
  • Flexible working environment

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