Our Infrastructure and Operations teams take business problems and turn them into IT solutions.

This could be for anything from a simple change to launch a new service to consumers – such as the ability to use PayPal – to the redesign of a network solution, or the transformation of the way we do business with both individual customers and large corporations.

Whether you’re new to the IT game or a seasoned pro, we’ve got a range of opportunities working across all types of technologies. As a result, your mind-set is just as important as your technical & commercial experience.

Does poor customer service irritate you? If you’re a natural proactive problem-solver then you’d be a great asset to our IT team. We’re after people who aren’t afraid to stand their ground, but are pragmatic enough to call a halt on a failing project. You’ll have a love of new technologies and strong drive to experiment and apply smart tech to real world problems.

If you fit the above description, and you’re intrigued by what we’ve outlined so far, then check out some typical roles and teams within our IT team below.

IT Operations

Keeping everything running, as if by magic, is the role of our IT Operations people.  We have hundreds of applications running over our massive data centres and state of the art cloud environments and we make thousands of changes every year. So we always need hands on owners of the IT service so that our customers’ experience of our network and our services is seamless.

IT Demand Management

You’re probably well aware that nothing much happens in businesses today with IT.  From a simple bundle change to an entirely new suite of applications, and from basic IT queries to full on technical overhauls, you’ll be working on all sorts of fast-paced projects.

Those working in IT Demand Management need to be able to understand what both internal & external customers want, translate this into technical requirements, and make sure that what is being asked for is the right kind of solution for the business. You’re the person who liaises with the client to really test what they need and whether this is do-able.

IT Delivery

Most of the development is done by our partners, so we need strong directors of delivery, with an ability to make sure our customers are getting the best outcome. This means you’ll probably have come from a development or operational background, or at least have a good enough understanding of IT delivery to call the shots.

You’re the person responsible for making sure the developers build what the architect told them to; and that it’s also what the customer wanted. You’re building the right solution, not just building the solution the right way.

IT Design/Architecture

If the Demand teams think it’s a go-er, a solution needs to be designed, and our architects are never short of work. You should be able to look at the big picture and be a broad technical expert, with an ability to take the business requirements to the next level.

You’ll utilise state of the art technology to create a blueprint for the optimal solution. In a technically complex and massive business, this requires some really ingenious thinking.

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