Question:  What are the general requirements for The Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme?

Answer: In order to be eligible for the programme:

• You need to have achieved – or be on track to achieve – a 2.2 (or equivalent) in your chosen degree
• You need to have the correct work permit in place at the time of the application to work in the UK for the duration of the full two-year programme - as we are not able to sponsor visas for the Discover Programme
• You also need to be flexible to work across the UK for the duration of the two-year programme. You can find more information on this at question 4.


Question: How long is the graduate programme?

Answer: The Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme is a two-year-long opportunity to experience life at one of the world’s most innovative technology companies. Some streams may vary in duration, so make sure you check the details of your preferred stream before applying.


Question: After the graduate scheme, what is in store for me?

Answer: Our goal is to support you to find performing graduates a suitable role within the business after the programme. At the end of the programme, you will have developed and gained relevant skills which will support you in securing a permanent role with us. You will be expected to apply for roles at the end of the programme.

Question: Where would I be located during the programme?

Answer:  Our most common sites are Newbury and London, but our programmes can be based anywhere nationwide, therefore we ask you to be flexible for the full duration of the programme. Due to its rotational nature, graduates are likely to need to relocate during the programme. We aim to inform each Graduate about the location one month before the start of the placement.


Question: I require reasonable adjustments to complete the online assessment. How can I let you know about the requirements I have?

Answer: You are able to ask for extra time before completing your online assessments and video interview. Please also let us know of any other reasonable adjustments you may need throughout the selection process by emailing us at, and we will do our best to accommodate them. Please be prepared to provide any supporting documents that you may have.


Question: What happens if I'm unable to attend the Assessment Centre I was invited to?

Answer: If you are invited to an Assessment Centre and you're unable to attend, please let us know at as soon as possible, and we will do our best to reschedule your attendance depending on availability. Please note that this will not be possible in all cases.

Question: Would it be possible to extend the deadline for the online assessments and video interview?
Answer: If you require more time to complete the online tests, please contact us at to discuss your situation, and where possible we will make arrangements to extend the deadline.


Question: Does Vodafone support visa sponsorship for international students?

Answer: In order to be considered for The Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme, you must already be in possession of a UK working permit that is valid for the next 2 years without the need for support from Vodafone. Unfortunately, if you do not meet the criteria then we are unable to proceed with your application.


Question: Would I be able to receive feedback?

Answer: Due to the volume of applications, we won't be able to provide individual feedback after the online assessment and video interview stage. We do however provide feedback after the assessment centre as we realise how important this is to help you with your future careers.


Question: When will the graduate programme start?

Answer: The Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme will start at the beginning of September.


Question: How can I apply?

Answer: In order to be considered for The Discover Graduate Programme at Vodafone you will need to submit an application form through our careers website.  Please visit for details and to apply for our current opportunities.


Question: Can I be considered for multiple streams within the same programme?

Answer: We can only evaluate one application per candidate, so please make sure that you're only applying to one stream. If you change your preference please let us know so that we can consider your application accordingly.
Please note that after you've been invited to an Assessment Centre we won't be able to transfer your application anymore.


Question: How can I get an update on my application?

Answer: We aim to keep all the candidates informed and updated throughout the application process, so please keep a close eye on your emails, including your spam folder. In case you would like to receive further updates please email us at specifying the programme and the stream you're applying to.


Question: What will be in the online assessment?

Answer: The online assessment will take approx. 30mins, including a video interview and two game-based assessments.
The video interview will contain competency-based questions, so you shouldn’t expect any technical topics. Our aim is to get to know you better, and make our decision based on the potential we see in you! We advise you to prepare for it as you would prepare for a regular, face-to-face interview. You will have practice questions before each section.


Question: How many youth programmes can I apply for?

Answer: We accept only one application per year, so please choose your preferred programme wisely!


Question: I am an internal candidate. How should I apply?

Answer: If you are eligible for the Programme, please apply through the internal careers site.


Question: What areas can I apply to within the Graduate Programme?

Answer: You are able to apply to the following areas: Technology, Business, HR, Finance, and Consumer - you can read the relevant Job descriptions for further information. Please apply for only one stream and in case we believe you would be more suited for another stream we will reach out to you to discuss the opportunities.


Question: Will Vodafone support me in sorting out accommodation for the duration of the programme?

Answer: We are not able to offer support in finding accommodation for our graduates. In order to make it easier, we connect all of our new joiners in advance so they can share their experiences, and help each other find accommodation.


Question: I know somebody who already works for VF - can they refer me?

Answer: Whilst we encourage our current employees to spread the word about our programmes, we do not have an official referral program at present.


Question: What is the salary for the programme?

Answer: The salary is communicated at the Offer stage of the selection process.


Question: If I currently work in retail, does my length of service, shares etc get carried over?

Answer: As a retail candidate your length of service does get carried over to your new role.

Question: I’m interested in applying to one of the programmes, who should I address my cover letter to?

AnswerThere is no one specific you should address your cover letter to. If in doubt feel free to address the Youth Recruitment Team.

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