We’re Vodafone. We’re the tech industry’s original game changers.

As a global tech leader, we transform businesses and millions of lives around the world ever day. From developing the smart cities of the future, transforming healthcare or changing entire economies in the developing world, we're behind some of the world's greatest achievements. But we didn't do it alone. Join us on our Discover Graduate Programme and help us beat the game changers. 

Applications for the 2019 Graduate Programme are NOW CLOSED. 

The future is exciting. Ready?

What we're looking for:

You have a passion for technology and care about the way people experience and interact with it. You’re analytical and adaptable, and always seek to be the best version of yourself, learning something new every day. You want to make a mark and influence where the business is heading in the future.

What you can expect:

You’ll work a global company that’s beating the game changers in the industry, and beyond. You’ll be able to rotate in your chosen area of specialism and we’ll fully support you to develop and achieve your goals. Not to mention, you’ll be part of a global community of graduates on a mission to build an exciting future. 

The Streams

Digital | Business | Technology | Commercial | Finance | HR | External Affairs


Our digital teams are passionate, talented and ambitious, and always go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.  We work in a fast-paced environment where you’ll always be pushed to reach new heights and deliver leading digital solutions for our powerful brand.

Areas you could be working in: Digital Marketing, CVM, Big Data, Customer Experience, Product Management, Web Development, UX/UI Design

Unfortunately applications for the 2019 intake for this Programme are now closed. 


The business stream will see you working in our Enterprise business area which is our B2B organisation. Our Enterprise (B2B) teams help businesses around the globe succeed in the digital world. We give small to global businesses the edge through our total communication solutions connecting them to their people, places and things and helping them be more flexible, mobile and collaborative. 

Areas you could be working in: customer operations supporting our global business customers, selling world class communication solutions in our lines of business or working in our enabling functions.

Unfortunately applications for the 2019 intake for this Programme are now closed. 


You will be at the centre of Vodafone’s technology strategy & implementation. This will cover a wide range from technology designs to deliver Networks and IT through to Security, Big Data and beyond! All this is to ensure we distribute world-leading technology. You’ll get to unleash your ideas and apply them to real business projects that you can own from day one.

Areas you could be working in: Technology Strategy & Architecture, Cloud & Hosting, Internet of Things, Security or Network Operations & Delivery, Big Data & Analytics.

Unfortunately applications for the 2019 intake for this Programme are now closed. 


Our Commercial teams ensures we have an integrated approach to consumer, business development and customer experience, and commercial performance improvement. We are ready to shape the future of Vodafone, and you could be part of providing correct frameworks and governance to ensure we are commercially the best in the world.

Areas you could be working in: Commercial Management, Business Development, Customer Experience.

Unfortunately applications for the 2019 intake for this Programme are now closed. 


At Vodafone our Finance teams are central to decision making throughout the business, whether that’s for our customers or our employees. Finance isn’t just about the numbers anymore; it’s about applying them with a commercial focus. You will use your analytical skills where you will provide world class finance support to senior management and key stakeholders, contributing financial expertise to commercial decisions and value oriented support to the business.

Areas you could be working in: Commercial Finance, Business Intelligence, Mergers & Acquisitions, Treasury, Investor Relations, Regional Finance or Finance Operations; just to name a few. 

Unfortunately applications for the 2019 intake for this Programme are now closed. 


At Vodafone, we don't just produce innovative products, we develop amazing people too. We're a brand that loves change - if it's not happening naturally then we're creating it ourselves. It's in our DNA to excel, to create a better future, to never rest and find new ways that help people communicate. We are committed to helping our people perform at their best and achieve their full potential. Our HR functions enable the organisation to maximise the contribution of people to the delivery of our goals. 

Areas you could be working in: Learning and Development, Talent Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Business Partnering, Youth, Reward, Resourcing, Employer Brand or Employee Relations.

Unfortunately applications for the 2019 intake for this Programme are now closed. 

External Affairs

We help to shape the future of the organisation and build its reputation, while using technology and connectivity to improve people’s lives. External Affairs contains five critical elements that ensure the success of our business.

Areas you could be working in: Policy Development, Government and Policy Engagement, External Communications, Corporate Security, Vodafone Foundation & Sustainability

Unfortunately applications for the 2019 intake for this Programme are now closed. 

What's on offer?

The application process

Stage One - Apply: Find the Discover Graduate Programme that suits you and express your interest by applying online! Simply submit some basic details and upload your CV

Stage Two - Testing: Once we have your application we will verify that you meet the basic criteria and you will then be invited to carry our some testing. You will be asked to complete an abstract reasoning test and a situational judgement test that will help us determine if you have the right capabilities to be successful at Vodafone.

Stage Three - Video Interview: Once you pass the testing stage, we want to know more about you. Our video interview is there to help us find out about your motivation and passion for  your chosen career, while assessing some key Vodafone competencies. It is not designed to trip you up, take the opportunity to try out the practice questions before you do the real thing

Stage Four - Assessment Day: We’ll invite you to a Discover Graduate Assessment Day where you will get to learn more about Vodafone, meet your potential peers and team members and have a chance to showcase your skills. The Assessment Day will consist of a Group Exercise, Presentation and Interview.

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

20 events in 20 locations. Come and talk to us!

Bright Networks Festival, Westminster: 7th September 2018

Heriot Watt: 12 September 2018

Glasgow University: 26th September 2018

Imperial College London: 26th September 2018

Imperial College London: 1st October 2018

LSE: 1st October 2018

Imperial College London: 3rd October 2018

Imperial College London: 4th October 2018

LSE: 4th October 2018

Edinburgh University: 10th October 2018

Warwick University: 11th October 2018

Cambridge University: 11th October 2018

LSE: 16th October 2018

Heriot Watt: 17th October 2018

Cambridge University: 17th October 2018

UCL: 18th October 2018

Imperial College London: 18th October 2018

Warwick University: 18th October 2018

Southampton University: 18th October 2018

LSE: 18th October 2018

Bath University: 19th October 2018

Cambridge University: 23rd October 2018

Glasgow University:  24th October 2018

Reading University: 24th October 2018

Oxford University: 27th October 2018

Edinburgh University: 31st October 2018

Imperial College London: 7th November 2018

Cambridge University: 8th November 2018

Warwick University: 13th November 2018

Bath University: 23rd November 2018

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