Vodafone is at the forefront of this 4th Industrial Revolution and is actively transforming the way it does business.

We are looking for innovative and problem solving graduates who can design and build analytics and automation solutions for our Sales, Engineering, Operations and Support teams. 

Two year development programme, with 2 - 4 rotations

£33,000 salary

Exposure to cutting edge automation, analytics and artificial intelligence technology

Which areas could you work in?

On this programme you will have the opportunity to work with any part of Vodafone’s business and use your technical expertise to make an impact.

You could work in teams from Sales and Marketing, to Technology, to Operations, to HR, to Finance and many more.

What’s in it for you?

•Acquire the skills and competence to help transform the way a FTSE-100 company does business

•Direct exposure to cutting edge automation, analytics and artificial intelligence technology

•The opportunity to create innovative solutions from day one of your career

•Mentorship by industry leaders and experts in business process, network and IT automation

•Mentoring, constant feedback and opportunities to push your boundaries 

•Flexible working and a fast-paced environment 

•Stretching rotations to give you breadth as well as depth of knowledge in all areas of business 

•Being part of a vibrant global community of graduates

We have now closed for application for the 2021 Digital Operation and Automation Discover graduate programme. 

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