With our customers at the forefront of our minds, our passion to evolve, experiment and learn fast is as prominent as ever. Our changing world has meant our teams determination to get it done together has allowed us to design and launch new propositions in record time. 

Our curiosity to innovate drives us to create the future and develop platforms and ecosystems that are unique to us. We strive to understand how our technology can improve the day-to-day lives of our customers and continue to keep the UK connected

The Speechmark - Our Digital Hub 

Our newly built Digital Hub in Southwark houses over 1000-strong consumer, digital, and technology-minded individuals. Our investment cements Bankside in Southwark as one of the fastest-growing centres for creative and digital expertise in London. The Speechmark allows our employees to develop, lead, and deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers. Helping to innovate, invent and improve our digital society. 

When it’s safe and advised to do so, we will return to the office environment and our employees will be able to enjoy the brilliant agile facilities our digital hub has to offer.

Our Areas

User Experience

Our User Experience teams are responsible for creating experiences that inspire, engage and excite our customers. 

As a UX/UI Designer, you will get the opportunity to use the latest technologies to design how we interact with our customers across different platforms and products. Or if content is your passion, our Content Designers are responsible for creating, updating and maintaining web pages, display ads, banners and promotional/price changes with engaging content. 

If you love speaking to customers, then maybe a Researcher role would suit you in this team. In this type of role, you will work directly with users to research, collect feedback and map out what our teams work on next.

Digital Care


Our Digital Care team is accountable for ensuring we provide an engaging and frictionless support through our online services and through our App. 

The teams are split across the full customer lifecycle from prospect through to retention, meaning you could be working on improving a range of different online journeys for our customers. 

You will work with the Marketing, Commercial and Operations teams within the company to deliver the best possible self-service sales and support experience for our customers, through an Agile delivery.

Digital Sales

Our Digital Sales (Ecommerce) team are responsible for driving online sales growth across all of our customer touchpoints. 

As an Ecommerce Manager, you will own the strategy and online trading performance of a category (SIM only for example). You will do this by collaborating with a range of different teams such as marketing, merchandising, analytics and pricing to identify sales opportunities, identify how to maximize customer traffic and create a truly multi-channel customer experience.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation team support the transformation journey happening across Vodafone UK. They work across different teams to define, plan and deliver major innovative digital change projects. 

In the role of a Demand Manager, you will help plan our transformation journey, ensuring our teams are resourced suitably and understand priorities. As a Digital Transformation Manager, you will get involved at the concept stage, working on strategy and innovation to help projects come to life. Alternatively, if communication and building relationships are your passion, a Change Manager position is something to consider. In this role, you will work closely with a range of different teams to help embed change, deliver, and ultimately transform our ways of working.

Digital Analytics 

Our Digital Analytics team provides crucial insight to enable us to provide the best experience for our customers. 

As a Digital or Web Analyst you will study the data around our customer journeys, marketing performance and trading/sales to provide valuable insight. This insight empowers our teams to make well-informed strategic decisions. You will use the latest technologies and collaborate with a variety of different teams to deliver key solutions.


Our Product Owners and Scrum Masters play a fundamental role in optimising our team’s performance, ensuring our delivery of products and services are the best they can be. 

As a Product Owner, you will manage and prioritise the list of new product features, enhancements and functionality that our development teams are building for www.vodafone.co.uk and the My Vodafone App. You will take feedback and act as the voice of the customer to define the priorities and make sure everyone understands them. 

As a Scrum Master you will help our teams perform at their highest level, ensuring agile values, principles and practices are adopted and evolved. More crucially, you'll be passionate about evolving from “doing agile” to “being agile.” This will be a essential step forward in our transformation to embed a culture and mind-set shift.


As part of our commercial teams you will sit at the centre of the Consumer Business and lead the delivery of all trading targets, manage all commercial aspects for our teams and it's supporting functions. Alternatively, you could be translating segment and channel strategy into market leading business performance. 

The right candidate for this team will have a natural flare for accurate numbers, have the ability to connect the commercials to the business strategy and collaborate with wide range of stakeholders.



Within our Propositions team you will help develop and tailor our key customer segments, making sure they are innovative and challenge the norm. This generally includes defining key customers, market insights, target audiences, and the strategies to unlock these in the market. 

Bringing together the best of Vodafone’s consumer offerings helping us to make the most of the exciting opportunities the future holds and ultimately growing our consumer engagement and satisfaction.

Digital Engineering

With multiple awards under our belt, we’re already recognised as one of the best modern software engineering and DevOps companies, but we have big ambitions for the future, and we’re looking for people who can match that with their own.

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