The world is changing at a rapid pace, technology is advancing faster than ever before and in order to succeed businesses of all sizes need to adapt to the changing digital landscape around them. Our UK and Group Business functions are focused on doing just that, giving businesses the edge to keep pace with digital development and helping businesses succeed in a digital world. 

3-year development programme with 3 rotations across the UK

Potential earnings of over £33,000 in Year 1 & over £50,000 by Year 3

Full sponsorship for a B2B Sales Professional degree apprenticeship

Which areas of Business Sales could you work in?

·         New Business Development

·         Account Management

·         Specialist Sales

·         Technical Sales

·         Sales Project Teams

·         Public and Private sector accounts

What’s in it for you?

· Full sponsorship to complete a BSc in Professional Practice in B2B sales through a 3-year apprenticeship degree. Eligibility may depend on degree subject.

· Mentors and additional support from Sales leaders and our best sales people;

· Customer exposure and accountability for sales from day one;

· Learning from industry experts

· Being part of a global community of graduates;

· Flexible working and a fast paced environment;

· A focus on customers innovation, transforming businesses and doing things differently;

· High and demanding expectations which will test your capability and limits.

We have now closed for applications for the 2021 Business Sales graduate programme.

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