Opportunities, Growth and Networking: An Insight into Sales at Vodafone

"Hi, I’m Andi Soric and I head up the London Acquisition Team within Vodafone Regional Business! 

Vodafone Business is one of the most recognised B2B technology organisations in the UK, and I’m lucky enough to work in one of its fastest-growing markets, London. My role includes consulting and managing the growth of some of the world’s most known brands and organisations. The demand, especially within the technology, professional services, and the commerce space, in London means there’s so much a variety of opportunities. Alongside that, as London’s regional business team grows, there is a great opportunity to grow with it, and since I’ve been here we have had the pleasure of promoting almost 50% of the workforce into more senior, targeted specific sales roles.

Despite everything going on at the moment, we haven’t stopped our training and development but moved our office based academy training sessions to online coaching and deal clinics! This is where we review deals, construct role-play conversations, and prepare detailed pre-meeting plans to ensure our teams are as prepped as possible. We deliver this learning environment with a key focus on creating a feedback hungry environment, which means individuals proactively gain an awareness of what they’re doing brilliantly, but also what they can improve.

Apart from the odd weekly quiz (despite being slightly quizzed), we hold weekly sessions where individuals in the team can share best practice, share success stories whilst learning about different products and areas around the business.  

For our new starters, we have a ‘buddy scheme’ whereby we allocate a team mate to have regular catch ups with the new member! We’ve found this helps the new joiner gain a quicker and more detailed insight into the business. We’ve also widened this community and have a monthly “new starter” call where joiners can meet other colleagues who are new too. It’s a platform to share insight, network and support one another. It’s a great initiative which we have had great feedback on”. 

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