Q&A with Marcus a New Starter in the Business Analysis Team

·     Tell us a bit about you and your new role…


“My name’s Marcus and I am a Business Analyst in the BA team, which sits within the UK ‘Architecture, Design and Analysis’ department. The BA team is growing to meet the needs of the business, so there is no shortage of work. 


·     What initially attracted you to Vodafone?


Over the years I have worked at Vodafone on several occasions as a contractor, and I always liked the culture, work and people, not to mention the great environment! It was just a matter of finding the right opportunity at the right time. In fact, this is my first permanent role for a long time and I am very happy that I made the move.


·     Give us a whistle stop tour of your first day!


The whole recruitment and on-boarding process was very well organised, with timely and clear communications. By the time my first day came around I had already received my laptop and phone via courier, straight to my house. I had introductory calls with both my line manager and the onboarding team the week prior to starting, which explained what to expect on my first and subsequent days.  


On my first day, I had a 9:00 am call with my line manager, who checked I had everything I needed, and what to do if I needed help. She also walked me through the BA team ‘New Starter Guide’ which was immediately followed by a call with my assigned ‘buddy’ – a senior member of the BA team, who explained more work-related things and was available for any questions.


As I had been interviewed face-to-face by both my line manager and buddy, it did not feel strange to be chatting to them by Skype on my first day. Over the next few days I was introduced to all my new team colleagues, and made appointments to speak to several of them individually to get an understanding of the projects that we are working on.     


I received the Vodafone ‘New Starter Guide’ from the onboarding team, along with several of invitations to calls with senior managers at Vodafone. These calls were hosted by HR and provided all the (50 or so) new starters the opportunity to learn about the business and ask questions. 


·     How are you keeping connected with your team?


We have a weekly team call, which everyone attends, which is followed by a 2 minute quiz for a bit of fun. We also have informal ‘tea break’ calls that our manager hosts, where you can just drop in for a casual chat about anything. On top of that is of course my weekly 1-to-1 call with my manager, which is pretty much the only call that I do with video. However, the person I speak to most at present is the Solution Architect assigned to my project – we have a good rapport and lots to discuss.

All in all, I’m really enjoying my time with Vodafone UK and would recommend anyone to browse the roles available. It’s a truly wonderful place to work.”

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