Enhancing your LinkedIn Profile

In an age where social media is the biggest pastime, you may find your dream job whilst scrolling through your feed. If you’re in the market for a new job or wanting to take steps up the career ladder, LinkedIn is a great place to do it.

There are currently over 610 million active members on LinkedIn, which means your LinkedIn profile can reach much further than your written CV and potentially open more doors for you. It is another tool to market yourself to the employer, so you should spend as much time perfecting and continuously nurturing this to aid in your job search - the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

At Vodafone, our recruiters use LinkedIn as a tool to source great talent, so how do you stand out within a network of other professionals? Here we provide some tips on creating a great profile and growing your network naturally.

First impressions count 

Adding an appropriate professional photo is proven to result in more connection requests and profile views. Selfies of you at the gym, relaxing in your swimwear on the beach or out for drinks with your friends at the weekend probably isn’t the best first impression on a professional network. Instead use a picture that would accurately represent the person we would meet if you were attending an interview. 

Tell your story 

Next, you should craft a great summary. Similar to that used on your CV, it is your chance to expand on your headline and talk about your expertise in more detail. A summary can help you appear in recruiter searches. You have 2,000 characters to get creative with, so don’t use this to reel off your skills and job titles (you’ll have a dedicated section for that). Instead bring to life your career purpose, goals and highlight any achievements you want to show off. Try not to switch the reader off with a long summary and remember not to overdo the buzzwords.

It's all in the detail 

Now include all your professional information and experience that will demonstrate to a recruiter whether you have the relevant expertise for the job. This will include a lot of the information already included in your CV like your previous role titles/employers, skills and education. We don’t recommend just simply copying your CV when writing your experience, but instead take a few key bullet points that you feel summarise your role and achievements. Add your education, any qualifications you have received and search for skills in LinkedIn’s large library. 

Grow & Share

You are happy with your profile and feel it reflects your best business self and is harmonised with your career aspirations, so how do you gain views? Begin with connecting with your co-workers or previous teams. You’ll be recommended connections off the back of those initial invites so your connections can grow organically this way. Alternatively, following groups, companies or industries that you are interested in or that relate to your expertise can allow others with the same interest to view and connect with your profile. 

LinkedIn has many differences to Facebook or Twitter, but one fact remains the same; people scroll endlessly. To prevent your posts becoming a blur on the feed, use visual media like images, videos and hyperlinks to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to read your post. Posts with visual media receive more likes and comments which means your post will reach further audiences. In addition to this, posting frequently increases your chances of being discovered by those who have the perfect opportunity for you.

 Great! You’ve set up your profile but the key is to keep this updated and relevant. Continue to post, engage in conversations and use the tools to learn and develop your skills even further. You never know what opportunities you may find here.

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