COVID-19 Onboarding: Isaac’s First Day

What is your new role?  

I’m joining the Vodafone UK Wholesale team as a Business Analyst! 


Tell us a bit about your application journey…  

I applied online for the role which involved completing a form on my qualifications, experiences, CV and covering letter. I then received an email informing me I had made it to interview and I had 2 interviews before being told that my application had been successful. Fortunately, at this stage, I was able to have face-to-face interviews! 


What does your first day look like and how is this different from a normal office first day?  

By this time, we’d gone into lockdown so I had my laptop and phone sent straight to my house before my first day. My line manager video called me at 9 am and talked me through the steps of the first-time login. On a typical first day, I’d expect to be meeting lots of new people around the office, instead I met them all digitally! Once I was all set up, I had introduction Skype calls with all the members of my team and my manager gave me an overview of the projects the team is currently working on and what was expectations of me. 

What support has Vodafone offered? 

There has been a dedicated Onboarding team who have been able to answer my questions about the delivery of the laptop. There is also an IT support line for help if you have any issues with your first login to your laptop. 


How are you staying connected to your new team?  

Phone, Email, Skype, (SharePoint, Teams still waiting to be added to) 


How are you feeling about a new role during this time?  

I’m feeling excited about the challenge of a new role in a business area I haven’t worked in before. I am also excited to be working for Vodafone UK, as they have shown through these challenging times that they can adapt quickly and help millions of people who would have otherwise struggled to stay connected to their friends and families. Starting a new role remotely is going to be different, but I’m hoping with the help of so much technology it will be pretty seamless. 

Is there any advice you’d like to share with anyone thinking of joining Vodafone UK…  

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – all of the people that I have spoken to have been helpful and have put me at ease with all of my concerns. 


We are continuing with our recruitment across the business and have implemented new processes that promote candidate and employee safety. As part of this, we have moved to virtual hiring until further notice.  


For further information on COVID-19 on-boarding please head over to our homepage.

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