Belonging & Inclusion in Isolation and Distancing: How can you support your colleagues?

The circumstances we are currently living in are unprecedented. Half of the world's population is on lockdown and over 1 million people globally have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

There are so many angles to a pandemic, the most commendable being the daily heroics of people within our NHS. It seems pertinent to ask, during this time of self-isolation and social distancing, what are the implications on inclusion and belonging?

Stonewall recently said, "Whenever something happens, there are always those of us who face additional barriers through being more excluded than others." Certain groups will experience specific issues and it is important to ensure we are able to support colleagues from these groups to the best of our ability.

At Vodafone, we define inclusion as an environment where everyone is respected for their different viewpoints and backgrounds. We define belonging as feeling accepted, appreciated and part of the team. It is a human need and increases motivation, health and happiness.

Self-isolation and social distancing are not the opposite of belonging and inclusion, not unless we make them so. We must avoid being exclusionary now, more than ever. We must see this is an opportunity to make colleagues feel more included and we must reassure colleagues that we are here to support them.

Vodafone have a zero tolerance approach to any kind of discriminatory behaviour, and we continue to emphasise our commitment towards inclusion for all. At Vodafone, we embrace and welcome everyone. For more information on diversity and inclusion, click here

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