Writing a great cover letter

A well written cover letter can set you apart from other candidates and inform the recruiter why you are interested in the role, whilst reaffirming that you have all the requirements needed. 

A cover letter differs to a CV as, instead of an overview of your professional abilities, it is a structured letter detailing why you would be a great fit for the role and the company, by tying your skills and experience together. You can elaborate on details you have provided in your CV and mention why you think your qualification or tenure on a project would be valuable to them.

So what should you include?

Once you have planned what you are wanting to include, like your CV, there are things you should check before pressing send. The following tips will help you ace that cover letter:

Ensure you tailor your letter to the company or role that you are applying for. We understand that you may be applying elsewhere too, but nothing hurts more when you have addressed your letter to our competitors!

With that in mind, research the company that you are applying for. Adding a nod to the latest campaign or a recent initiative that has launched can demonstrate your sincere interest in the company and help you stand out against others. Study the job description to help pick out the desired skillset or the areas that the role is likely to focus on.

We know it can be tempting to provide all your achievements to grab the recruiter’s attention, but we recommend focusing on just the one that is most relevant to the job. Listing all your achievements could have the opposite effect and put off the reader. Give away enough information to demonstrate your suitability for the role, but leave them wanting to know more which can then be explored through your CV, or via an Interview,

Once you have written your letter, remember to spell check or ask a friend or family member to read through it, as they may pick up on something that you have missed. 

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