Introducing George – an inspiring Business Discover Graduate

“We wake up every morning with a hunger for a better society, future and community. Not just for us, but for everyone. Our hunger is rooted in what other generations perceive as our downfall - we’ve got it all. However, we put this privilege to good use. When history tells us “can’t”, we ask “why not?” When confronted with past patterns of failure, we pick up the pen and draw new lines.


We are changing the way the world is seen. We have identified what doesn’t work. It is within our DNA to identify what does. To do that, we are inspired by the revolutionaries of the past. Today, our women: code; study STEM subjects, and play a pivotal role in the boardroom. Our men refuse to follow tradition and are driven by ideals of inclusivity and fairness. Together, we cure cancer whilst we sleep, champion diversity at every level, and create IoT solutions to prevent environmental catastrophe.


Things are moving and they’re moving fast. Whether it be: paid-charity leave; the Vodafone Foundation, or getting involved with our networks – at Vodafone, we are encouraged to grasp the reins.


I found out about Vodafone’s paid charity leave at my assessment centre. I remember having a conversation during the lunch-break with a bunch of other soon-to-be-grads on what we would do. We shared the causes we are passionate about, movements that make us proud, and fundraising ideas. That, to me, is who we are - a forward-thinking collective whose eyes light up at the idea of change.


We live in a world all too often plagued by crises, uncertainties and fake news. The cure? Generation Possible.”

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