5 minutes with HR Graduate, Kaneesha

Hi, my name is Kaneesha Banker and I’m an HR Discover Graduate in the Group Resourcing team. I started as an Intern in 2018 within Group Diversity & Inclusion, before joining the graduate scheme as an HR graduate - I’ve loved every minute! 


Over the last year and a half, I’ve discovered new possibilities in each rotation and role. As we move onto achieving bigger things as a company, we’ve recently shifted to our new culture - the Spirit of Vodafone. The Spirit of Vodafone calls for us to place and live the four behaviours through all our work - earning customer loyalty, getting things done together, learning through experiments and creating the future. Vodafone has seen many changes to its purpose and culture but this one truly resonates. I am certain that this very culture will drive graduates, like myself, into 2020 with a positive impact on our teams, our organisation and our development. As Graduates, will aim to create the future with our pioneering spirits while working together with our colleagues and experimenting with new ways of delivering the best customer experience.


From a Resourcing point of view, future candidates will be Vodafone customers. During my final 8 months in the scheme, from January-September 2020, I will place these candidates at the heart of my goals - by consciously thinking of ways to improve each step within their application process: whether that is during the attracting, sourcing, assessing or onboarding stage. Given the limitless possibilities, I will look to introduce new concepts or tools supporting my goals and to also influence senior leaders and help in implementing the changes. 


On a personal front, I also aim to contribute to the purpose of Vodafone - 'to connect for a better future.' As we place sustainability at our core, as we aim to improve the lives of millions of women around the world and as we ensure that we are always championing inclusion in its entirety, I will look to drive this purpose forward by ensuring that I contribute towards it by playing an active part as well as leading on various initiatives.” 

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