Meet Dani – a passionate External Affairs Discover Graduate!

“The climate crisis, political instability and ever-growing global inequality. These are few among the many challenges our generation – and those after us – are expected to tackle in our lifetime. That’s a big job – and a lot of pressure. In fact, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task. I wanted to solve all these problems at once, yet had no idea where to start. But Generation Possible makes me feel hopeful. To me, it means that I have the backing of a massive company, like Vodafone, to make change.


After graduating from a degree in Politics from the University of Cambridge in 2018, I was certain of a few things. I wanted to work for a trailblazing company that was a thought-leader in the industry. I wanted to work at the forefront of innovation with the latest cutting-edge emerging tech, AND I wanted to be as close to the action as possible where technology intersects with government and civil society.


So clearly, I wanted a lot. After a fair bit of research, it seemed as though I was aiming for an entry-level job which didn’t really exist for a fresh graduate. Most people working in this niche had decades of experience behind them – from multiple degrees, to time spent in international organisations such as the European Parliament, NATO and the United Nations.


But then I came across Vodafone’s External Affairs graduate scheme which ticked every single box for this impossible job I was after. With rotations in teams like Government Engagement, Public Policy and Vodafone Foundation, I am lucky enough to sit at the heart of the company. Helping drive our global strategy, dealing with market-moving information, and sat a five minute walk away from Vodafone Group’s CEO, Nick Read – I couldn’t be any closer to the action if I tried!


In External Affairs, I’m seen as part of the generation of innovators, digital disruptors and most importantly, change. Within my first few months in the company, I have been able to work alongside experts in their field on projects that have a direct impact in helping shape a digitally inclusive society. In my first rotation in Corporate Communications, I have supported the running of multiple global campaigns that have reached over one million people across the world.


Having worked on initiatives such as planet and sustainability, rural connectivity and gender equality, Vodafone has empowered me to feel as though anything and everything is possible if I want to be a driver of change. With the resources, tools and support from Vodafone to make things happen, the future really is exciting.”

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