Meet Amy Stoner one of our Technology Discover Graduates

“What I am looking forward to achieving in 2020? Answering this question is no easy task, especially knowing that my time on the graduate scheme is coming to an end. But my time on the graduate scheme and everything I have been able to achieve has set me up to have an amazing career in technology!

I started on the Vodafone Technology Graduate Scheme in September 2018, and I felt super excited but nervous at the same time. There are so many different areas in technology I was intrigued to see where I would be able to make an impact.

Since joining, I’ve had 3 rotations and been able to work in AI, Robotics and Machine Learning. Having the opportunity to change roles has been valuable and allowed me to prepare for new challenges and gain new skills, including things I never thought I would be able to do! My most recent accomplishment that started my 2020 off with a bang was building complex machine learning models using deep neural networks - which I am incredibly proud of! I wonder what will come next?

For the rest of 2020, I will finish my final rotation in Data Analytics/Science, building more sophisticated models to help improve efficiency in my area and make an impact on my team. Soon, I’ll begin the process of off-boarding to a permanent role which I’m looking forward to. I know I’ll be able to find a position that utilises and builds on my current skill set, as well as offering the chance to achieve more great things.

Being a graduate at Vodafone has been a gratifying experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me!”

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