Working with our Major Business clients within Vodafone UK Business

This week, we took the opportunity to visit our vibrant Manchester hub, which includes a huge call centre and departments covering our customer care, service delivery, and solutions design for our business and consumer customers. 

We managed to grab some time with one of the Practice Leads for our Solution and Service Design team, who gave us a fantastic account of what it is like to work with our Major Business clients within Vodafone Business UK.

Shaun Berry has been working as a senior manager in Solution Design for the past 6 years and leads a team of people based across the midlands and south-west. He came across to Vodafone as part of the Cable & Wireless acquisition with a background in convergence and fixed networks. He’s been working for us for a total of 19 years, that is loyal!

When Shaun said he was in Solution Design, we originally thought this would be a very technical role in designing solutions based upon a clients need once a sales deal had closed... Silly us? What we did not know was the amount of client-facing impact the innovation of the role has in getting deals closed. The role can be very client-facing in the design of the overall proposition that Vodafone has to offer the client.

Solution Design take the original need of the customer and puts together a solution to meet these needs, they then translate this in the simplest way back to the customer, bring together, and support the Sales, Commercial and Product teams to create the best solution for our clients. 

What do we look for in people?

Of course, we need technical skills and knowledge in telecommunications, products and provisions but we really look for much broader customer relation skills too, we want creative people who can listen and translate customers’ business needs into dynamic solutions that utilise our products and services. From the receiving of a tender or enquiry, the Solution’ team will add their innovative thoughts and services to help Businesses overcome their challenges. Shaun emphasised that it boils down to taking a complex requirement and deliver a solution in a simple way that benefits the customer. 

We have to achieve the above with the best customer service possible. Other skills we would look for would be a proactive approach to work, maturity to have a business conversation, a high level of engagement and gravitas to provide the best solutions.

We have taken people from many backgrounds like Shaun’s network distributor background, through to Technical Advisers, Solutions Architects, Network Specialists, Business Analysts that go on to achieve great things through Vodafone’s career progression (we even have a Vodafone University to enhance and tweak key skills throughout your career). We like career minded people who want to make a difference. You do not need a big fancy degree to get started but some innovative thinking and focus will be key. 

What do people actually achieve in their roles?

Shaun is a great example of this and from the journey he has had and making progress through to a senior role... he has helped Vodafone Business win some major accounts, from household names through to major retail corporations (and winning over competitor companies, which can always feel a little bit nice!). Vodafone Business now offer some of the best in market services and products. With the recent release of 5G, we expand our business and outreach to way beyond just mobile phones. We work with both fixed and mobile networks, unified communications as well as cloud and security products. We really are a company building a better future and improving 1 billion lives through digital, inclusion and planet initiatives. 

If you are interested in a career with Vodafone Business, then take a look at the careers website and apply. The future is exciting… Ready? 

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