Meet Shazia from our Oxford Street Experience Store

We recently caught 5 minutes with Shazia Kaseur, who works in our Oxford Street Experience Store, to find out what a day in the life of a Retail Adviser at Vodafone truly looks like.

So Shazia, can you tell us a bit about yourself…

“I’m currently a twenty-hour Retail Adviser, in the amazing Oxford Street Experience store. I’ve worked for Vodafone for two years. You’re probably thinking I’ve come from a typical sales background, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I worked at Boots before Vodafone as an optical consultant. It was a fun job, I enjoyed interacting with and talking to customers. However, I was always looking for a challenge, something to take me to the next level within my career. That’s when I decided to apply for a role at Vodafone and began my journey in sales."

What do you think makes you so successful in your current role and what advice would you give to others?

“I’ve developed my service and sales style, this has led to my success. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some great people to learn from. If you are considering joining the wonderful retail team my advice to you would be; you need to have great people skills and have the confidence to approach individuals. Secondly, you’ll be expected to have excellent product knowledge, so you'll need to ensure you’re always learning. Finally, you need to be confident, especially within a sales environment!

My proudest sales moment to date is signing up seventeen new connections in one day! Not too bad if I say so myself. If you’re looking for an opportunity that will challenge you and help you grow Vodafone is the place to be. Go ahead and apply for a role, you won’t be disappointed.”


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