Edisa’s Journey at Vodafone

Hear about Edisa’s Journey to becoming a successful Team Leader here at Vodafone UK!

“Hi, I’m Edisa - before joining Vodafone, I worked in a law firm as a Paralegal Advisor in Leeds. It was a 9-5 job, which mainly involved lots of paperwork. Unfortunately, the firm closed and I was made redundant.

Having completed a law degree and being made redundant, I decided to bite the bullet and apply for a Sales Advisor position at Vodafone! The role was based at the brand new Call Centre in Leeds, and initially, there were only 9 agents. I had never done sales before, I thought there was no way that I could sell, but I thought I would apply and see how it goes.

It was initially very daunting, and I was apprehensive but I didn’t need to worry as everyone made me feel equal. I had fantastic training support, they get the best out of you and the onsite training is something I will never forget. I love the role, the company, the vibe, and diversity. It’s fun, vibrant and an electric place to work. I love coming into work!

My manager was amazing – taking the time to understand what motivated me to earn money – well that was an easy one. Holidays, shoe and, clothes. She then taught me how to earn my full potential earnings – and now I want more!

I aspired to become a Team Manager, and I was always getting recognition for the skills that I had built. My Managers constantly supported me, providing me with coaching, and giving me additional responsibility. After coaching for 3 months, My Manager approached me to apply for a TM role. He gave me full confidence and reassurance to apply

My best moment at Vodafone – getting the news that I had passed the interview, and having my team of 14 members of staff, and the opportunity to work on new projects all the time. My Team has just been nominated for team of the quarter, and I have won a trip to Switzerland, vouchers, a trip to London and recently been nominated for being an Unsung hero award!

If you want to work in a diverse, electric and fun work environment, Vodafone is the place for you!”

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