Vodafone Newbury Photography Club

I've worked at Vodafone in Newbury for over 3 years and I'd not been part of any of the clubs or social groups until I joined of the Vodafone Newbury Photography Club around a year ago. The club was just starting up and in the past six months, I've also helped the club organise its own committee and formalise how we operate together.

Through the club, our members have had the opportunity to photograph carol concerts for the local paper, take photos at the Corporate Games last year, provided professional headshots to colleagues on campus and even taken shots of robot cleaners being tested at HQ.

Our overall aim though is to encourage everybody to learn and share their interests in Photography. For some of us, it's just a hobby with our camera phones and for others, it's a more committed pastime but there's no competitive element of who's got the biggest lens!

I've been into photography for about ten years and though I'm by no means an expert, it's great to be able to share whatever experiences I've had with those that are just starting out on their journey and equally learn new things from people with very different views or interests.

We all have day jobs and personal lives so we try to fit in taking photos together whenever we can so we meet up at lunchtimes or after work usually once a month, sometimes organising more ambitious day trips to photograph the night sky or attend sports events together. We try to encourage people to share their experiences or passions by talking to the group because that's the best way to keep learning and nobody thinks they know everything already. We share photos and stories on the Vodafone internal social media platform and I've met some great people from other teams I didn't know existed in Vodafone but it's funny how once you know people on such a big campus, you start bumping into the same people over and over.

See some of the amazing photos the Newbury Photography Club have taken:

Newbury HQ photo,

by Matt Bowles

Castle photo,

by Ed Balch 

Group photo with CEO,

by Ed Balch

Dog photo;

by Craig Hyde

Firework photo;

by Jonathan Helps

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