IT Transformation and rebuilding of UK IT

Meet Ajit – Head of Consumer IT ….

I joined Vodafone UK in 2016 as Head of Release Management with a single brief – to help recover the Consumer IT systems post a major systems transformation and help recover the UK business to improve Customer Experience and IT stability. Little did I know how big the challenge was going to be but at the same time so rewarding and empowering!

I joined Vodafone UK from another major UK telco where I was hugely proud of my career achievements starting as a mid-manager to leaving as an executive IT director and proudly delivering a number of major systems and product launches. This sense of achievement was partly due to my background – growing up in Inner London from humble background and being the first in my generation to go into higher education. I quickly felt confident in myself and mentors around me to grow my experience and confidence to become one of the youngest BAME executives.

Joining Vodafone was all about the challenge, the desire to get back into a position of empowerment, opportunity and make a massive contribution to the business. The challenge was to stabilise the IT estate, address a number of issues and problem areas to regain Consumer confidence and improve reliability and service levels. Grow and develop our internal skills and teams through insourcing and lay the solid foundations for the future. Focusing on the detail, leading by example and addressing the basics were the key to my success – it felt amazing to see the business turn around the results coming through in the form of NPS!

I was very fortunate during this period to have great role models and mentors who allowed me to share my experience, make positive contributions and be heard and accepted. The CIO, Director of Consumer Services and Director of Strategy where key to my success and enabled me to lead us through the difficult times. What was also really important being a new senior leader and of BAME background was acceptance and trust – I have never worked in such a diverse, inclusive and progressive environment – this really helps!

Now, the challenges and mission is different! my role has expanded to Head of Consumer IT and we are undertaking some of the largest and serious IT Transformation work streams ever! – using the latest technology, tools and capabilities. Ranging from Digital CRM, Digital platforms, Big Data, Automation and AI, IoT and Cloud. We work with the worlds best partners and attract the best people and skills in the world!

Doing this whilst investing and developing our skills and teams through upskilling through Agile and DevOps and insourcing is the most rewarding aspect of my role. Being able to provide careers, development and support new apprentices and graduates is an amazing feeling! Seeing the direct results in customer growth and NPS is the icing on the cake!

I would recommend Vodafone UK as there is no better place for IT in the UK at the moment! – especially if you want to work in an environment which is Challenging, Demanding and uses the latest Technology and Tools and of course, accepting and inclusive of everyone!

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