Meet Andrew: A finance background led him to the role of a HRBP

They were able to look beyond the CV, assess potential...

by Andrew Dinh

Hi, my name is Andrew Dinh, I'm an HR Business Partner for Group Vodafone. One of the reasons I love working for Vodafone is the fact that we care about Diversity. We don't just say it, not only do we care about gender diversity or ethnic diversity, we care about professional background diversity. A little bit about me, I don't come from an HR background, actually I have been an HRBP for less than 2 years.

I spent 5 years of my career in Finance, that is where my background is. You know, coming into the interviews being assessed here at Vodafone, they were able to look beyond the CV, assess potential and make sure that the potential is aligned to the the strategic priorities as an HR function. As we all know, Data and Analytics are becoming an integral part of being an HRBP and playing a big part of making well informed decisions with scientific data. Going from every day operational decisions to exciting new spaces where we predict and anticipate when and where attrition will happen.

So if you are thinking about a career in HR at Vodafone, then check out the roles on our careers page! 

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